• 2018 China's Smart Catering Sector Report

    Affected by the penetration of internet, the catering industry is increasingly internet-based. From the online ratings at the early time to the emergence of group-buying, food delivery and other models, the catering industry has become one of the most internet-based segments in the local life O2O industry. and ordering takeout, online ordering and group-buying have become an essential part of our daily life. In 2017, GMV of China’s catering O2O sector reached 779.96 billion Yuan, growing at an amazing rate of 87.0% YoY. 

    May 18 2018
  • 2017 Report on The Ever-Changing Retail Industry in China (The Full Edition)

    Consumption has evolved from national-focused consumption to family-focused consumption and currently has entered into an individual-focused consumption stage. This has been driven by an increase in personal income, the downsizing of households and a larger proportion of single people. Currently, consumers pay more attention to personal needs, with personalization and premiumization remaining as key drivers. 

    May 17 2018
  • 2018 China's New Retail Species Report

    This report first explodes the background, motivation and main features of current retail upgrading in China and analyzes the role shifting of retailers. Then the report will conduct case study of new retail species such as pan fresh food, clothing, 3C and home furnishing so as to illustrate the periodical features of domestic retail upgrading. Finally, the report will outlook the future of retail upgrading.

    May 11 2018
  • 2018 China's Internet Industry Report (The Full Edition)

    2018 China’s Internet Industry Report is an annual comprehensive report released by iResearch Consulting Group. This report explained the three waves in development of China’s Internet industry and explored the reasons and influence of the fast development of Internet. Also, this report reflects on the past performances of new marketing, pan entertainment, new retailing, local style service, online travel, online education, new finance, cloud computation and artificial intelligence and looks forward to the future.

    May 08 2018
  • 2018 China's Internet Industry Report--New Finance

    After the period of attracting users via various methods, the core concern of Internet credit began to return to finance itself. Internet finance has very high requirements for both operation and profitability. Therefore, Internet finance either chooses to rely on a certain online advantage that it already has to carry out its financial businesses, or it should internetize a certain part of its offline businesses to enhance brand value.

    May 02 2018

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