• Report of China’s Online Dating & Matchmaking Service Industry in Q2 2018

    China’s online dating & matchmaking service industry has developed for nearly 20 Years and the whole industry has stepped into a new stage. Based on the analysis of currently industry development, industry structure and customer behaviors, this report offers more information of the industry for readers and facilitates the development of online dating & & matchmaking service companies.

    Oct 16 2018
  • 2018 L4 Autopilot Technology and Application Scenarios Research Report

    The report mainly analyzes L4 autopilot system  and its application scenarios. L4 autopilot system enables vehicles to complete driving tasks without driver’s operation in specific driving scenarios, which has extremely high requirements for sensors, data, computing platforms and even the performance, redundancy and reliability of the whole system.

    Oct 12 2018
  • 2018 Report of Copyright Protection in China's Pan-Entertainment Industry

    China’s online video, Internet literature and digital music industries are all transitioning from relying on pirated works to developing with legal works. During the process, authorities represented by National Radio and Television Administration are the main leading forces, and industrial organizations like Legal Online Video Development League served as main accelerators. 

    Oct 10 2018
  • 2018 China's Block Chain Thinking Research Report

    iResearch Consulting Group will release a series of reports of block chain value and application.The report, which is the first one in a series of the reports, researches practical application of block chain thinking in cross-border payments, internet copyright protection and online gaming;and calcualtes the value block chain brings to cross-border payments, internet copyright protection and online gaming.

    Sep 30 2018
  • 2018 China’s Intelligent Speech Assistant Companies Research Report

    In recent years, artificial intelligence develops rapidly in China and also attracts more attention. Intelligent speech is a very important segment of artificial intelligence.  The report expounds the development background, portraits and behavior of the users and makes a deep analysis of the companies in intelligent speech assistants industry via case study of Migu Lingxi.

    Sep 26 2018