• Q1 2016 China's Online Recruitment Sector Report

    According to data from iResearch, in Q1 2016, the total revenue of two core online recruitment companies, 51job (51job.com) and Zhaopin (zhaopin.com), reached 523.8 million Yuan and 378.1 million Yuan respectively, dropping slightly compared to the revenue of the previous quarter. 

    Sep 28 2016
  • China’s Internet Insurance Sector Report

    Internet scenario-based insurance makes complex financial concepts easier to appeal to the mass market. Block chains, big data and cloud technology accelerate the design and launch process of insurance products; automation helps optimize user experience and thereby substantially drives up insurance penetration. 

    Sep 21 2016
  • 2016 China's P2P Lending Sector Report

    According to data from iResearch, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending topped 800 billion Yuan in China in 2015, increasing by 248.3% compared to the previous year. iResearch forecasts that China’s P2P lending will maintain its growth in the near future and its market will exceed 3.7 trillion Yuan around 2019.

    Sep 13 2016
  • 2016 Chinese Mobile Apps’ Overseas Development Report

    Chinese mobile phone companies’ frequent and effective promotions in foreign market have brought opportunities for mobile apps to go overseas. Pre-installed apps in new smart phones and smart phone inventory were both main channels through which Chinese mobile apps explored overseas market. 

    Sep 07 2016
  • 2016 China's E-sports and Game Video Streaming Platform Sector Report

    The number of e-sports game players is expected to hit 170 million in 2016. iResearch believes that the growth can be attributed to the following two factors. The e-sports games except MOBA all see a growth in players and mobile e-sports gamers surge, resulted from the rising of mobile e-sports games. 

    Aug 31 2016