• 2017 China's Third-Party Mobile Payment Report

    2017 China's Third-Party Mobile Payment Report digs into China's third party payment industry and analyzes the current situation, industrial features and ecological construction of China third-party mobile payment industry. In the past year, China's third-party mobile payment kept a fast growth with the increasing of applicable situations and solutions to vertical industries, and the ecologies based on mobile payment diversifies saw differentiation as well due to the different data base. This report make an analysis of the whole industry as well as the case studies, aiming at providing new ideas for participants in third-party mobile payment market.

    Jun 28 2017
  • 2017 China's Online Advertising Report

    In 2016, China’s online advertising revenue reached 290.27 billion Yuan with a YoY growth as high as 32.9%. As China’s online advertising revenue is approaching 300 billion Yuan and the market is maturing, the industry is expected to slow down its growth and have a steady development in the following years. This report mainly analyzes the development of China’s online advertisement and advertising on traditional media, the different online advertising forms, the development of various website media in online advertising and core online media in China. For more information please refer to the full report.

    Jun 26 2017
  • 2017 China's Out-Stream Video Advertising Report

    According to data from iResearch, the revenue of China’s out-stream video ads reached 2.95 billion Yuan in 2016 with a growth rate as high as 209.6%. As the value of out-stream video ads rockets up and the short video market booms, out-stream video ads will enter into the fast development stage from exploration stage, and its revenue is expected to keep increasing and exceed 9 billion Yuan in 2017.

    Jun 23 2017
  • 2017 China's Commercial Health Insurance Report

    It is expected in the Report on Development of Medical and Health Services in China 2017 that basic medical insurance funds for urban workers will be in the red in 2017 and will see a deficit of about 735.3 billion Yuan in 2024. Then, development of commercial health insurance may be an effective complement. The commercial health insurance not only helps hospitals use market rules to control cost but also diversifies income sources for social security to ease the burden of national medical insurance fund. 

    Jun 08 2017
  • 2016 China's Esport Mobile Game Index Report

    As a mobile game video streaming platform, Chushou TV’s coverage of mobile games still has obvious advantages over that of the mobile game channels of the comprehensive video streaming platforms by the end of 2016.  In the aspect of mobile game section, Chushou TV is in leading place with 122 exclusive mobile game channels. The mobile game section of Huya TV is ranked the second with 40 exclusive mobile game video channels. Its coverage of mobile games is larger than that of the other comprehensive game video streaming platforms. 

    Jun 01 2017