• 2019 China's Enterprise-Level SaaS Industry Report

    China’s enterprise informationization level is much lower than its economic volume level. As a breakthrough, SaaS reduce the gap between China and leading countries. The SaaS trend of software is irresistible, but it will take a long time.SaaS has different priority in different enterprises. The opportunities for segment markets are different. The leading vendors develop industrial solutions, forming SaaS ecological system.  Products’ functions are similar. Differentiated barriers according to features of tracks should be built. 

    Jun 24 2019
  • 2019 China's E-commerce Live Streaming Investment Report (The Full Report)

    According to statistics, the conversion rate of excellent content-driven platforms is about 5%. In comparison, the conversion rate of e-commerce live streaming platforms is much higher than that of traditional content-driven platforms. Unlike other pan entertainment live streaming content, e-commerce live streaming is consumption-oriented. The former cares about the number of consumers online in real time, while the latter pay more attention to purchasing conversion rate of the viewers. Compared with the image and text pushed previously, it is easier to buy via the mini programs in the live streaming rooms. As a result, the live streaming rooms are promoting the sales for the stores. 

    Jun 21 2019
  • 2019 China's Third-party Payment Data Report (The Full Report)

    In 2018, China's third-party mobile payment transaction volume reached 190.5 trillion Yuan with a growth of 58.4%. Currently, people have formed the habit of mobile payment in their daily life, and the penetration rate of third-party mobile payment has attained a relatively high record, indicating that the booming era for third-party payment in China has ended. What’s more, the implementation of several related policies like “cutting the direct connection between third-party payment companies and banks” and provision policy marked the steady growth of third-party payment market in China. 

    Jun 19 2019
  • 2019 China's News Feed Potential Market Report

    The revenue of the news feed advertising market reached 109.04 billion yuan in 2018, and the growth rate remained high.The active typical information browsing 
    scenarios become the news feed red sea market. and the passive atypical scenarios have market potential.The growth rate of PC news feed advertising is high. The unique value of PC users become the commercialization potential of PC news feed. The value of users in the mobile tool App news feed market is underestimated. There’s commercialization increment in the stable user scale.

    Jun 17 2019
  • 2019 China's VR & AR Investment Report (The Full Report)

    In April 2019, the financing amount of the global VR/AR market was 2.89 billion Yuan, an MoM growth of 91.4% and a YoY growth of 622.5% from the 400 million Yuan at the same time in the previous year. In 2019, the VR/AR investment and financing market has recovered and is growing steadily. Development of 5G technology and cloud computing will promote the wireless application of VR/AR. On the market, there will be offline consumption places with more established equipment system and better user experience, efficiently supplementing the content ecosystems. 

    Jun 13 2019