• 2016 Report on Financial Risk Management of China's Used Passenger Vehicle Sector

    According to iResearch, by the end of 2016, the number of passenger vehicles in use reach 199.28 million in China, which provided huge resource for maintenance and insurance of passenger vehicles and trading of used passenger vehicles, etc

    Apr 28 2017
  • February 2017 China's Home Appliances & Digital Product Consumption Report

    Affected by the sluggish demand on the domestic market since 2014, sales growth of household appliances has been slowing down. After more than two years of adjustment, the consumers have more purchasing power and have higher requirements on product quality and function. Hopefully, household appliances enterprises can increase their profit by optimizing product mix and offering mid and high-end products, rather than merely pursue faster sales growth. 

    Apr 26 2017
  • 2017 China's New Passenger Vehicle E-commerce Report

    In 2016, the sales of new passenger vehicles in China reached 28.028 million vehicles. The high demand for passenger vehicles is still high. Meanwhile, the number of passenger vehicles in use reached 194 million vehicles.

    Apr 19 2017
  • 2017 China's Bike-Sharing Sector Report

    Users who learn about bike-sharing service through the shared bikes along the roads account for 25%, which is the largest proportion. The numbers of users of Mobike and OFO rank the first and the second, which account for 61.9% and 52.1% of the total users, respectively. 

    Apr 14 2017
  • 2017 China's FinTech Development Report

    In 2016, of all target users of FinTech in China, electronic payment users had the highest penetration, followed by those of online assets management, both above 60%. Affected by the threshold, the online lending users only have a penetration of 22.8%. But actually, the penetration only covers the users who have got lending online. There are also a large number of quasi online lending users and the internet finance giants are granting credits to all their users in advance, so these users are also the targets of FinTech in online lending sector. Even, users of electronic payment and online assets management are FinTech users in online lending on many levels. As said above, unlike internet finance, FinTech ranks higher in the industry and covers more users. 

    Apr 12 2017