• 2019 China's Vehicle Financial Leasing Sector Report

    The report researches the vehicle financial leasing sector, one segment of vehicle finance indudstry.It describes the development enviroment, status quo, problems, advantages of the sector and the key factors to influence the its future development via desk study, intervews and surveys with qualitative and quantitative methods. It also forecasts the future trends of the sector.

    Feb 15 2019
  • 2019 China's New Consumption Trend Report

    The report expounds macro economy, consumption characteristics and consumption trends in the era of new consumption. It also researches the market segments which are worth investing based on the analysis of fashion, food, housing, transportation, education, entertainment and other basic necessities. and it makes insights into consumption characteristics of new middle class and the entry-level middle class. Therefore, the report can offer some reference for the investors and participants in the new consumption industry.

    Feb 02 2019
  • 2019 China's AI + Security and Protection Industry Report

    In this report, “AI+Security” refers to the practical application of artificial intelligence technology in security and protection scenarios. Artificial intelligence technology is mainly shown in the application of computer vision technology and knowledge graph technology in security and protection products. 

    Jan 31 2019
  • 2019 China's FMCG B2B Sector Report

    The report researches status quo of China's FMCG B2B industry and FMCG B2B enterprise services evaluation system. and it also makes an analysis of outstanding advantages of typical enterprises and forecasts the future trends of China's FMCG B2B industry. It gives some advices for participants on operation strategy and for investors on strategy making.

    Jan 30 2019
  • 2019 China's K12 Dual-teacher Classes Report

    In this report, K12 dual-teacher classes refer the teaching model that the online lecturer and offline assistant cooperate with each other to teach the primary and secondary school students. The teaching content is mainly school subject tutoring and non exam-oriented English teaching. Now the education market is huge but dispersed. On the market in the third and lower cities, the supply falls short of the demand and both offline and online models face insurmountable problems. Therefore, to have scale effect and to develop market in smaller cities, dual-teacher classes have become an inevitable trend. 

    Jan 24 2019