• 2016 China's Internet Industry Insights and Trends Report

    The report cover online video, social networking service, online advertising,e-commerce,search engine, O2O,internet finance,online health care,online gaming,cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other internet market segments. It expounds the segments' development in 2016 and forecast their future. Besides, the report makes a comparison of important internet markets globally.

    Jan 24 2017
  • 2016 China's Executive Search Industry Report

    As domestic enterprises grow fast, their demand for senior talents continues to grow rapidly, which is reflected by the  increasing shares of domestic clients in China’s headhunting companies. 

    Jan 20 2017
  • 2016 China's Mobile Video Streaming Viewers Report

    There are various types of interactive activities on the website. The three main ways of interaction are comment, following and sharing. Viewers who tip the anchors or send messages to anchors account for 39% and 27%, respectively. As to the interactive activities outside the website, 68.8% of viewers follow the video streaming anchors on social networks. Conversion rate between social media and video streaming is relatively high. and it has formed a virtuous between social and video streaming platforms. Moreover,  half of the viewers have bought products recommended by the anchors. It is obvious that video streaming has leaded traffic to e-commerce websites.

    Jan 18 2017
  • 2016 Report on Big Data Products of Data-driven Internet Enterprises in China

    Text and image analysis technologies are well-developed and have high precision, and related applications are put into practice. With breakthroughs in speech analysis technology, unstructured speech information (semantic, intonation, speed, volume, etc.) is translated into structured index, for data mining and fast retrial of the mass audio files. With the prevalence of video app and popularity of surveillance cameras, demand for video analysis is growing year by year. 

    Jan 12 2017
  • 2016 China's Internet Writer Report

    In terms of gender of writers, 88.0% of internet writers on male channel websites are male, but there are also some female writers. While on female channel websites, almost all or 97.4% of the writers are female.By age, the internet writers are young, mostly under the age of 30 and 28 on average. 

    Jan 06 2017