• 2016 China’s Online Vacation Tour Market Report

    In recent years, China’s online vacation tour market GMV has developed steadily and accounts for 16.2% of the travel market in 2015, increasing by 1.4% compared with 2014. With the weekend tour, self-directed tour and outbound tour markets expanding, the online vacation tour market is projected to account for 18.7% of the tourism market share in 2016

    May 27 2016
  • China's Drone Industry Report

    The aerial photography market using drones in China is expected to generate 30 billion Yuan in revenue by 2025. The revenues generated from the adoption of civilian drones in the agriculture, forestry and plant protection, security and power inspection markets are to approximate 20 billion, 15 billion and 5 billion Yuan respectively. The total market revenue is expected to reach 75 billion Yuan in 2025.

    May 25 2016
  • 2016 Global Second-Generation DNA Sequencing Market Report

    China Statistical Yearbook shows that malignant tumor, heart disease and coronary heart disease ranked top 3 by mortality rate in China in 2013. However, traditional medicine is ineffective in treating complex diseases like tumor. Statistics reveal that the ineffectiveness of traditional medicine in treating tumor, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes reached 75%, 70% and 43% respectively. 

    May 18 2016
  • 2016 China's New Energy Vehicle Big Data Marketing Report

    iResearch survey shows that over 1/5 of potential car buyers were willing to buy new energy vehicles. In first tier cities, policy was the top factor influencing potential buyers’ purchasing decision. In second and third tier cities, price was the primary influencing factor among potential buyers.  Infrastructure, performance and quality were consumers' main concerns for purchase of new energy vehicles.

    May 12 2016
  • 2016 China's BI Market Report

    China's BI service revenue is predicted to reach 24.7 billion Yuan in 2018 in accordance with the growth of service providers of the three stages.

    May 10 2016