• Top 500 Websites in China by UVs in December 2017

    Among top 500 websites ranking list in China by the unique visitors in December 2017, top ten websites were baidu.com, qq.com,taobao.com, so.com,sina.com.cn, sohu.com...

    Feb 12 2018
  • iResearch Launched Expert Network Service

    iResearch helps to solve the real problem of an enterprise to meet the professional needs. If you need to better understand products, technology, marketing, investment opportunities...

    Feb 11 2018
  • China's Online Shopping Sector Data in 2017

    According to iResearch, GMV of China’s online shopping reached 6.1 trillion Yuan in 2017, up 29.6% from a year earlier, showing a pick-up in growth.iResearch believes that integratio...

    Feb 07 2018
  • China's Local Lifestyle Serivce O2O Sector Data in 2017

    In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of local lifestyle service O2O, an increasing number of customers get used to satisfying their daily needs with internet, as a result&#x...

    Feb 06 2018
  • Top 500 Apps in China by UDs in December 2017

    By unqiue devices (UDs) in December 2017, top ten apps were of communication, video, utility, finance, ecommerce,social networking,utility and lifestlye se...

    Feb 05 2018
  • 2018 Report on Changes in The Commercial Functions of Third-party Payment in China

    Payment is a business based on scenarios. At present, the main online traffic scenarios are monopolized and the growth has reached a bottleneck, resulting in a fierce competitive environment. However, the situation of offline payment is completely different. There are a lot of payment scenarios remains to be developed. There are 6.6 million retail outlets in China, including grocery stores, convenience stores and tobacco and alcohol stores. In 2016, their sales volume reached 2.3 trillion yuan. With QR code, smart POS and other payment tools, the sales of these retail outlets are likely to be included in the third-party payment business. The vast market prospects of offline business have attracted most of the payment companies.

    Feb 13 2018
  • 2017 China's Native Advertising Report

    Native ads as an audience-friendly advertising form has huge potential for future development, and it is now evolving from search ads in the beginning to more rich and integrated form. iResearch estimates that the revenue of China’s native ads will reach 163.85 billion Yuan in 2017 with a share of nearly 40% in the whole online advertising market, and it’s expected that the revenue will account for half or even more of the online advertising market by 2020.

    Feb 12 2018
  • 2018 China's Fresh Food E-commerce Consumption Report

    As Alibaba, JD and other e-commerce giants are entering the sector and are raising their investment in supply chain, logistics and other infrastructure. and with the innovative models of these new entrants, the fresh food e-commerce market will be revitalized. In 2017, GMV of fresh food e-commerce market approximated 139.13 billion Yuan, soaring 59.7% compared with 2016. 

    Feb 08 2018
  • 2018 China's Internet Industry Report

    2018 China’s Internet Industry Report is an annual comprehensive report released by iResearch Consulting Group. This report explained the three waves in development of China’s Internet industry and explored the reasons and influence of the fast development of Internet. Also, this report reflects on the past performances of new marketing, pan entertainment, new retailing, local style service, online travel, online education, new finance, cloud computation and artificial intelligence and looks forward to the future.

    Jan 31 2018
  • 2017 China's P2P Lending Sector Report

    With the rise of online finance, P2P lending has been growing fast since 2013. Online financial services are more efficient and convenient. At the same time, the high yield and low threshold of P2P lending meet the financial demand of investors and financiers, so this new model of lending is very popular. Data show the number of online lending users was 160 million in 2016 and is expected to grow rapidly at a CAGR of 15.9%. 

    Jan 25 2018

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