• 2017 China's Brand E-commerce Service Industry Report

    With the increase of internet penetration in China, as a convenient and fast retail channel, online shopping experienced explosive growth and its share in total retail sales of consumer goods keeps rising. It has become an important retail channel in China and has injected fresh blood into China’s consumption economy. 

    Aug 18 2017
  • 2017 China's Sharing Economy Industry and Users Research Report

    The 2017 China's Sharing Economy Industry and User Research Report firstly analyzes the background of the sharing economy and makes a comparison of global and Chinese sharing economies from some aspects. Then the report explores the status quo of various typical sharing economy sectors in China. The report also points out the key to developing sharing economy industry at present and in the future based on user demands. Overall, the report provides insightful views for further analysis on China's sharing economy industry.

    Aug 16 2017
  • 2017 China's VR Industry Report— Market Data

    The revenue of China’s VR industry reached 3.46 billion Yuan in 2016. The revenue is small but increases rapidly. The revenue of China’s VR industry is expected to exceed 1 billion Yuan in 2018. Over the next five years, VR industry will see its annual compound annual growth rate surpass 80%. China will become the world’s biggest VR market by 2021 and its VR revenue will hit 79 billion Yuan.

    Aug 11 2017
  • 2017 China's Online Travel Industry Report

    Data from iResearch showed that the GMV of China’s online travel attained 590.36 billion Yuan in 2016, rising 33.3% versus 2015. The penetration rate of online travel in China’s internet industry came to12.1%, while the figure in 2015 was 10.7%. iResearch holds the opinion that the increasingly stable growth rate of internet users indicates that the traffic brought by demographic dividend will gradually disappear, and online travel market will soon enter its stable development stage. 

    Aug 04 2017
  • 2017 China’s Local Lifestyle Service O2O Industry Report

    Due to the consumers’ diversified demand of life, the local life service O2O covers many fields. On the one hand, with more convenient consumption methods, O2O changed people’s consumption habit. On the other hand, O2O platforms help merchants to attract customers and to improve efficiency. The great potential attracts companies in various industries to try O2O. O2O can take advantage of the internet information platform and improve the efficiency of information spreading. It changed the traditional way of point-to-point offline information circulation and product consumption to point-to-surface. 

    Jul 26 2017