• 2018 China's Handheld Gimbal Sector Report

    Handheld gimbal is a kind of portable photographic equipment developed based on UAV technology. Its core function is stabilization and shockproof.With economic, technological and social influence, the sector may boom in the next two years.

    Aug 17 2018
  • Report of China's Food Delivery Apps in H1 2018

    As people become increasingly busy with work and as the pace of life get faster and faster, white-collar workers prefer food delivery service. The number of APP users 
    in the food delivery industry is stable in the first half of 2018. The existing users become the focus of competition.

    Aug 15 2018
  • 2018 Ant Financial Services Group Research Report

    Ant Financial is dedicated to creating a “platform providing personal financial services online”. It accumulates financial-related traffic by providing payment services, cultivates the users’ awareness of Alipay “account” by providing personal wealth management services, and creates a “platform providing personal financial services online” by providing microcredit and other services. The business is logically feasible because of several factors including traffic attracted from high-frequency to low-frequency services, payment scenarios built based on low-frequency services, and higher use frequencies of APPs boosted by the low-frequency services.

    Aug 14 2018
  • 2018 China's Third-party E-Signature Sector Report

    E-signature has two processes: electronic authentication and online signing. After real name authentication, both enterprise and individual users may sign the electronic documents online by handwritten e-signature, uploading electronic seals and other ways. E-signature is mainly used in approval of internal documents and signing external contracts. 

    Aug 14 2018
  • 2017 China's Local Lifestyle Service O2O Industry Report

    Due to the consumers’ diversified demand of life, the local life service O2O covers many fields. On the one hand, with more convenient consumption methods, O2O changed people’s consumption habit. On the other hand, O2O platforms help merchants to attract customers and to improve efficiency. The great potential attracts companies in various industries to try O2O. O2O can take advantage of the internet information platform and improve the efficiency of information spreading.

    Aug 14 2018