• 2020 China’s Internet Economy Report

    China’s GDP Growth

    Final consumption expenditure continuously drive GDPgrowth

    From 2010 to2019, China's GDP grew at an average annual real growth rate of 7.7%, andreached 99 trillion yuan in 2019. From the perspective of the contribution ofinvestment, consumption, and export to GDP, the benefit of the traditionalinvestment-oriented approach of economic development has begun to fall in thecase of overcapacity. At the same time, with the accelerated enhancement of percapita income level, and the "new economy" and "consumptionupgrade" have gradually become the development direction of Chinesesociety. Therefore, in the past ten years, the contribution of gross capitalformation to GDP has declined. Consumption expenditure has replaced investmentwith a contribution rate of over 50% and become the main driving force for GDPgrowth. The contribution of net exports to GDP in 2019 reached 11.0%, which wasthe largest in the past ten years, thanks to the Chinese policies' developmentand layout of the international trade market, the upgrading of the commoditystructure, the improvement of export quality, etc. Driven by the steadydevelopment and improving the quality of China’s foreign trade, net exports ofgoods and services will continue to make a positive contribution to GDP.

    Jul 24 2020
  • 2020 China’s Just-in-Time Logistics Industry Report

    The Just-in-Time Consumption IndustryChain Impacted by the Pandemic

    Covid-19 Pandemic Contributes to the optimization andupgrade of the industry chain from Just-in-Time consumption  to Just-in-Time logistics

    The rapidspreading of the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly influenced and changedresidents’ life since the beginning of 2020. In Q1, as most residents are inquarantine, the overall Chinese consumer market and service market changed alot. The structure of Just-in-Time logistics orders has been heavily impactedby this pandemic. For example, because of the hit on the food deliveryindustry, the Just-in-Time logistics industry lost a lot of orders.  However, the surging demand for home deliveryfrom fresh food stores has made up for the loss. In general, because of thispandemic, the Just-in-Time logistics industry become better known among commonconsumers, which will have a positive influence on the user stickiness in thefuture.

    Jul 16 2020
  • 2020 China’s Online Audio Sector Report

    Online Audio Market Revenue

    The market revenue reached 17.58 billion yuan in 2019

    In 2019, themarket revenue of China's online audio industry was 17.58 billion yuan, ayear-on-year increase of 55.1%.

    With thecontinuous development of the audio business, more and more head programs andhigh-quality content have been created, and the types of content have becomeincreasingly rich, resulting in a large increase in the revenue from users'payment. The presentation models and interactive methods of audio content havebeen increasing, too. The optimized development of the audio live streamingmodel contributes to the combination of the audio industry and the businessmodel of users' tips. The development of the full scenario ecology providesmore imagine space for the whole online audio industry, which will promotefurther growth of the online audio market revenue.

    Jul 09 2020
  • 2020 China’s Third-party Payment Industry Report

    Definition and DifferencesBetween Industrial Payment and Personal Payment

    Industrial payment is a payment business model thatpayment institutions provide enterprises of different sizes and industries with industrialsolutions integrating payment, financial management, capital management, andmarketing services.

    Industrial payment andpersonal payment are different in many aspects such as service targets, servicecontent, payment products, and key capabilities required for businessdevelopment. The specific differences are shown in the table below. The essential differences of the businesses resultin different competitive landscapes in the industrial payment and personalpayment markets. While the personal payment market is oligarchic and reachingsaturation, the industrial payment market still has room for development.

    Jun 30 2020
  • 2019 China’s To B K12 Education Industry Report

    Overview of K12Training Institutions inChina

    There are around 1 million K12 training institutionsin China that can be roughly divided into "giant / large / medium /small/micro" layers. Most of them are micro institutions

    Jun 02 2020

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