• 2017 Report on Consumption of Fee-Paying Members in China's Retail Industry

    On the whole, consumers have high acceptance of the fee-paying membership. In the survey of consumers’ cognition of fee-paying membership, 9.3% consumers choose negative options. About 90% consumers choose positive options and think the fee-paying membership brings consumers new value. 

    Nov 28 2017
  • 2017 China's Mobile Education Report

    On the condition that China’s mobile Internet is getting increasingly mature, online education in China has entered its 2.0 stage, that is, mobile education stage. This report centers on the macro development of mobile education in China, covering its development history, development environment, industrial chain, business modes and other respects. It aims at providing the market participants for a reference for future development by analysis of the main companies in market segments and the typical cases in this field.

    Nov 23 2017
  • 2017 China's Online Travel Transportation Booking Industry

    Currently, China’s online travel industry had a high-speed development, while online flight ticket booking as the most mature market segment with highest revenue is now faced with various challenges, such as products homogenization, more direct sales from airline companies and drop in ticket booking overrides. Thus, it is practical for participants in online flight ticket booking market to discuss how to survive in the fierce competition where airline companies trend to raise the direct sales ratio and reduce agent ratio, and where OTA and giant companies manage to grab a larger market share. 2017 China’s Online Travel Transportation Booking Industry offered comprehensive analysis of the current situation of online flight ticket booking market, users’ demands in this market, typical case studies and future trends in this industry, aiming to provide valuable ideas and references for readers.

    Nov 23 2017
  • 2017 China's Logistics Technology Industry Report

    According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, in 2016, the total value of social logistics goods in China was 229.7 trillion Yuan, an increase of 6.1% YOY. The growth rate was going up slightly. and industrial products still dominated the logistics demand and accounted for 93.2%. Specifically speaking, logistics demand of mining industry and high energy-consuming industries saw slower growth rate

    Nov 21 2017
  • 2017 China's Unmanned Retail Consumer Behavior Report

    93.4% consumers have purchased goods in offline shops and supermarkets. The large supermarkets are most frequently used. 83.8% consumers have purchased goods in large supermarkets and 79.5% consumers have bought goods online. The penetration of unmanned retail is low. Only 36.5% consumers have purchased goods via unmanned retail, among whom 29.5% have used vending machine. Compared to unmanned retail shops/ convenience stores and open shelves, vending machine already has a consumer base

    Nov 16 2017

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