• 2019 China's Social E-commerce Sector Report

    Traditional e-commerce users are at the middle age and the dividend is exhausted, leading to higher customer acquisition costs. The mobile social is booming and have prominent traffic value. The business model integrating social and e-commerce offers a good solution for the e-commerce enterprises to attract traffic at a lower cost. Social e-commerce industry is at an advantageous position, attracting many new entrants and growing fast. In 2018, with a GMV of 626.85 billion Yuan and an increase of 255.8% YoY, the industry has become a dark horse on the online shopping market. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 68 pages.

    Aug 16 2019
  • 2019 China's Industrial Internet Platform Report

    The nature of industrial internet platforms is to collect the massive industrial data via the industrial internet network and to provide data storage, management,  presentation, analysis, modeling and application development environment. By attracting the manufacturing enterprises and third-party developers and developing business and innovative applications covering the product lifecycle, they improve the efficiency of resource allocation and promotion the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 27 pages.

    Aug 13 2019
  • 2019 K12 Online Education Investment Report

    In the first half of 2019, Koolearn and Genshuixue were listed and before the summer holidays, the K12 online education market  is engaged in heated competition over online and offline advertising channels. As the half of the summer holidays are over, the competition is increasingly intensified. The K12 sector witnessed 36 investment and financing events and raised 5.83 billion Yuan, accounting for 63% of the total financing amount in the first half of the year. The top three events by 
    financing amount are in the K12 sector. More analysis can be seen in the full report.

    Aug 12 2019
  • User Tracking Report on Internet Sector Q2 2019

    Monthly mobile internet users continued to grow throughout 19Q2 and reached 1.395 bln in Jun, but growth decelerated notably as the pace of mobile internet penetration slows down. Users for most service categories are on upward trend in 19Q2, with short video recording strongest user growth. Mobile games, by contrast, experienced considerable user decline in the period. More analysis can be seen in the full report. 

    Aug 08 2019
  • 2019 China's Blockchain + Supply Chain Finance Report

    Blockchain  + supply chain finance will develop towards comprehensive industry service platforms and distributed business is the future trend.Policies should be made from the industrial and academic perspectives to support the development of blockchain + supply chain finance industry; Establish a regulation system for the  blockchain + supply chain finance industry, and conduct legal research and legislative work. More ananlysis can be seen in the full repoort with 45 pages

    Aug 06 2019

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