• 2017 China's Internet Economy Report

    In 2016, the revenue of China’s internet economy reached 1,470.7 billion Yuan, increasing by 28.5% YoY. After years of rapid growth, internet will keep growing 
    steadily but at a lower rate. Among them, third-party payment and online advertising increased by 92.3% and 32.9% YoY, respectively, higher than the general growth rate of internet economy. 

    Jul 12 2017
  • 2017 China's Online Game Social Distribution Report

    2017 China's  Online Game Social Distribution Report is released jointly by iResearch and Sina Weibo and is mainly based on the research method from iResearch, interviews with expert, customer research and database of iResearch. This report aims at analyzing the current situation of online gaming, the main features of social disribution as well as the developing trend of online games distribution market when the internet.

    Jul 07 2017
  • 2017 China's Business Intelligence Report

    Different from traditional business intelligence which is able to manage big data and realize visualization, the report analyzes how artificial intelligence can be applied to business intelligence decision-making, which can make the business management Intelligent and automated. This report will dig into the development background, technology development and multi-situation application of business intelligence and illustrate the real situation of business intelligence’s commercial application, so as to present the current real application value of AI technologies (excluding perception intelligence such as speech and visual sense).

    Jul 03 2017
  • 2017 China's Internet Celebrity Economy Development Report

    As the internet celebrity economy is maturing and the value of internet celebrity becomes prominent, related industries also develops rapidly. Platforms, MCN and internet celebrity are working together to improve the efficiency and enlarge the size of internet celebrity economy. By focusing on the development and changes of the internet celebrity data, development and new trend of industry, this report goes over and analyzes the fast changes of the internet celebrity economy.

    Jul 03 2017
  • Q1 2017 China's Integrated Internet Data Report

    Q1 2017 China's Integrated Internet Data Report is the report series released annually by iResearch, covering 8 fields, namely e-commerce, online travel, interactive entertainment, cloud services, mobile intenet, online education, internet finance and media marketing. The report systemically studies the development of internet industries in Q1 2017, analyzes and estimate of the overall development of each market segment, and uses exclusive data from iResearch to analyze the concentration and tiers of the market. Hopefully, by providing data support, this report may facilitate the study in different fields of internet industry. 

    Jun 30 2017