• Investment Map of Meituan

    According to the available information, Meituan has invested in 74 corporate projects. Among them, there are 15 technical service companies and 15 new retail companies, accounti...

    Jul 16 2018
  • Investment Map of Xiaomi

    According to the published information and the information from Industrial and Commercial Administrative Departments, 77 companies which got investments of Xiaomi are listed in t...

    Jul 13 2018
  • Top 500 Apps in China by UVs in May 2018

    iResearch calculates the unique visitors of mobile apps based on the caliber of unique devices (UD),where the apps are started and used.

    Jul 12 2018
  • Growth of China's Online Gaming Market Decelerated in Q1 2018

    In Q1 2018, the revenue of China’s online gaming market reached 64.33 billion Yuan with a QoQ growth of 6.5% and a YoY growth of 10.3%. The market has slowed down its growth after the bo...

    Jul 11 2018
  • China's Heathcare Service Industry Has Great Potential

    The healthcare service industry has great potential in the growth of user base and the relative risk distribution market size is considerable.

    Jul 09 2018
  • 2018 China's Online K12 Education Report

    During 2013-2016, the growth of China’s online K12 education market is always higher than 30% and the growth was even as high as 51.8% in 2017 when  the market size totaled 29.87 billion Yuan. Thus, 2017 was known as the first year for large-scale monetization of online K12 education. 

    Jul 10 2018
  • 2017 China's Pan-entertainment Live Streaming Platform Report

    The DAUs of 9 platforms are over 2 million. The development of the mobile traffic of live streaming is similar to that of the overall internet traffic.In 2016, the market size of the Pan-entertainment live streaming reached 19.48 billion Yuan, and its growth rate is expected to exceed 100% in 2017.The landscape of pan-entertainment live streaming began to form, and the revenue scale was in the form of an inverted triangle.

    Jul 06 2018
  • 2018 China's 618 Shopping Festival Report

    The heated global mid-year shopping festival, 618 Shopping Festival, came to an end. According to the data from JD, a main participant of the shopping festival, the order volume placed on JD has reached 159.2 billion Yuan with an over 37% YoY growth of delivered order volume from 0:00 Jun 1, 2018 to 24:00 June 18, 2018. This indicates that people are enthusiastic for not only the World Cup but also shopping when the Dragon Boat Festival approaching. As the biggest shopping festival at the middle of every year, 618 Shopping Festival has become an important festival in the life of internet users.In this report, iResearch will offer you an analysis of 618 Shopping Festival from big data aspect according to our measurement of the large internet users sample.

    Jul 04 2018
  • 2018 China's Online Travel Platform Report

    The report profiles the users of online travel platforms and expounds their behaviors such as traveling, meida using and consuming based on the data from Qunar and iClich online survey conducted by iResearch Consulting Group.

    Jun 27 2018
  • 2018 China's Internet Industry Report (The Full Edition)

    2018 China’s Internet Industry Report is an annual comprehensive report released by iResearch Consulting Group. This report explained the three waves in development of China’s Internet industry and explored the reasons and influence of the fast development of Internet. Also, this report reflects on the past performances of new marketing, pan entertainment, new retailing, local style service, online travel, online education, new finance, cloud computation and artificial intelligence and looks forward to the future.

    Jun 15 2018

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