• 2019 China's Fintech Industry Report

    In China, the integration of finance and technology also promotes the integration of financial enterprises and technology enterprises. In 2018, the various financial institutions have invested as much as 229.73 billion Yuan in technologies, of which 67.52 billion Yuan or 29.4% is invested in big data, AI, cloud computing and other leading technologies. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 65 pages.

    Jan 15 2020
  • 2019 China's FMCG B2B Market Investment Report

    FMCG B2B has entered the stage of rational development, the number of new platforms keeps decreasing and the industry shows obvious head effect. On the one hand, Huixiadan, DS365, YT, Bangxiaodian and Jinhuobao all have difficulty in fund flow, are forced to transform or even stop operation. On the other hand, Tencent, Alibaba, JD and other giants are entering the market and the top enterprises like Huimin.cn and Yijiupi still get plenty of funds and resources. 

    Jan 01 2020
  • 2019 China Art Training Industry Report

    “2019 China Art Training Industry Report” targets the entire art training industry. In this report, the industry is divided into four tracks, which are children's art training, college entrance examination art training, art design vocational training and online art training.  The report analyzes and estimates the market size of each track, and predicts the future development trends of the industry.

    Dec 26 2019
  • Report on China Logistics Industry — Investability Analysis of Logistics Sub-sectors

    In the context of decelerating online traffic, most of the opportunities in to-C services have been explored, investing themes surrounding efficiency improving on 2B end are gaining attention. Logistics industry is massive and growing, with dozens of sub-sectors all following different growth paths. This report builds on iResearch team’s know-how in logistics industry and experience in serving institutional investors, to help investors identify good investment opportunities while offering in-depth analysis on investable sub-sectors and typical players. The report starts with an overview of logistics industry in China, including background and twelve notable trends that are shaping or changing the industry. Following the overview, we assess the 24 major sub-sectors in the industry by adopting six-dimension evaluation methodology. Eight sub-sectors that are deemed to be worth investing are then analyzed in depth to give prospective investors a full picture of the sub-sector. We take a closer look at seven typical start-ups in the logistics industry in the last part of the report for investors to better understand their business models and scales.More analysis can be seen in the full report with 62 pages.

    Dec 03 2019
  • H1 2019 China's Online Education Data Report

    In H1 2019, in terms of monthly unique devices, zybang and other homework APPs, Youdao and other vocabulary APPs continued to rank high on the lists. Zybang parent-version, Huzhuwendang, Xiasoyuan Kousuan and other homework APPs grew rapidly. and the monthly unique devices of Xuexi.cn, which was launched in Jan. 2019, is 24 million in Jun. 2019. and that of “17kjs” grew at a rate of 133.3%. and that of Xiaoheiban and Zhixue, both for school education information, grew at a rate of 143.3% and 70.2% respectively. 

    Nov 30 2019

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