• 2017 China's Mobile Game Industry Report

    China’s mobile game market revenue was around 102.3 billion Yuan in 2016, increasing by 81.9% YoY. The growth rate in 2017 has declined compared to that in 2016 because of the following two reasons. First, it is restricted by the ceiling of the number of users. Second, the homogenization trend of the domestic mobile game products is serious, and the market needs to be stimulated by innovative products. With the user's growth, the users’ game habits and payment habits will gradually become mature and their payment willingness and the amount of payment will both rise. The overall market is relatively stable. It is expected that the mobile games industry will begin rising steadily in 3-5 years.

    Oct 11 2017
  • 2017 China's OTT Advertising Market Report

    According to data from iResearch, during 2014-2016, revenue of OTT advertising increased rapidly and reached 610 million Yuan at a growth rate of 162.6% in 2016. iResearch finds that with the fast growth of OTT users and the increasingly complete industrial chain, the advertisers will increase their budget in OTT, and thus the OTT advertising market will see explosive growth in 2017. it is expected that in 2020, revenue of OTT advertising will reach 12.83 billion Yuan and the CAGR will be over 123.2%.

    Sep 30 2017
  • 2017 China's Just-in-time Logistics Industry Report

    Consumption upgrading is mainly reflected in the expectation of the consumers for better consumption experience. Thanks to the rapidity and convenience it provides, just-in-time logistics is popular among the users. With higher demand, the cost also increases. This indicates that the just-in-time logistics industry has great prospect and vast potential for development. 

    Sep 19 2017
  • 2017 China's Mobile Social User Report

    According to data from mUserTracker, a database mearing product launched by iResearch, monthly unique devices of mobile social apps was almost 590 million units in May, 2017, indicating that the number of mobile users keeps growing. After the fast growth in 2016, the number of users keeps growing but at a lower rate in 2017. 

    Sep 12 2017
  • 2017 China's Programmatic Buying Market Report

    Programmatic buying develops together with online advertising. Data from iResearch shows that in 2016, online advertising revenue in China attained 290.27 billion Yuan while mobile advertising revenue totaled 175.02 billion Yuan. Therefore, it can be seen that mobile advertising accounted for 60.3% of online advertising by revenue in 2016. Fast growth of online advertising revenue can be attributed to increasing of internet users and their time spending online, the improvement of the online advertising industry chain and maturation of advertisers, agents, media and other players. These are the background and foundation for the development of programmatic buying. 

    Sep 06 2017