• 2019 Corporate Service SaaS Investment Report

    The number of Chinese companies is three times that of the United States. However, the scale of China's SaaS industry is only one-third of that of the United States. Benchmarking American market, many investors expect China's SaaS market to grow by 10 times in the future. With such huge potential, We pay attention to the current recommended valuation method in Chinese SaaS market,  the common valuation multiple range and the valuation method in the American market, as well as important indicators of value evaluation of other SaaS companies 

    Apr 22 2019
  • 2019 China's Paid Knowledge Investment Report

    For a long time, paid knowledge has been perceived as the fourth digital content after information, entertainment and games.  From free to paid, from the boom in 2016-2017 and the cooling down in 2018, the paid knowledge industry is entering the period of rational development. Now, paid knowledge takes various forms. Himalaya, Zhihu, iget and other unicorn companies emerged one after another in the industry. At the same time, affected by the heated controversy concerning the “blind consumption cost” and “Pseudo-Demand” of paid knowledge, the industry is to have a turning point. 

    Apr 19 2019
  • 2019 Report on Black Fish Technology (Brief Edition)

    “2019 Report on Black Fish Technology - A Typical Membership-based Enterprise in China” is a corporate research report of iResearch Institute on the business model and market opportunities of Black Fish Technology, a Chinese Membership-based consumption and service platform, from the perspective of finance. Black Fish is a young, membership-based platform which can obtain financing quickly. Through an analysis of its business model and market opportunities, this report aims to find out the transformation of the financing channels and the adjustment of enterprises' strategies, the strategic meaning as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the platform's transformation into a membership system, and how to manage membership services in the context of traffic anxiety. Therefore, the first two chapters of the report present the overall structure of Black Fish by introducing its development history, its financing situation, the reasons for receiving investment, and its main businesses, helping the readers to learn about Black Fish. The last two chapters focus on analyzing the business model of Black Fish, and explaining why the latecomer Black Fish has market opportunities, what are these market opportunities, and how its business model seizes these opportunities.

    Apr 15 2019
  • Community Group Buying and AI Chip Investment Report

    Compared with offline physical stores and traditional online e-commerce, community group buying has much lower customer acquisition costs, execution costs and delivery costs. It is one of the few verified,  scalable and profitable business models that have been tried by the fresh food e-commerce and community e-commerce platforms. The cost structure of the business model allows the entrance of low-margin and cost-effective goods. 

    Apr 11 2019
  • 2019 China's AI + Security and Protection Industry Report (The Full Edition)

    In this report, “AI+Security” refers to the practical application of artificial intelligence technology in security and protection scenarios. Artificial intelligence technology is mainly shown in the application of computer vision technology and knowledge graph technology in security and protection products. 

    Mar 25 2019