• 2018 China’s AI+ Marketing Report ( The Full Report)

    AI technology is gradually used in different industries. Marketing as the main application scenario has new opportunities for AI techonology. The report  combs the AI
    +marketing industry chain and the development of the participants in the industry to probe into the development priorities and problems in the industry by analyzing marketing scenario of AI technology.At the same time, it also provides the advices for the participants.

    May 24 2019
  • 2019 China's New Consumption Trend Report (The Full Report )

    The report expounds macro economy, consumption characteristics and consumption trends in the era of new consumption. It also researches the market segments which are worth investing based on the analysis of fashion, food, housing, transportation, education, entertainment and other basic necessities. and it makes insights into consumption characteristics of new middle class and the entry-level middle class. 

    May 22 2019
  • 2019 China's Internet Industry Report (The Full Report)

    The report on the entire internet industry in China in 2018 summarizes the development and predicts the future trends of online marketing, entertainment, finance, e-commerce, travel, AI and other hot sectors. In this report, we also provide data about the new economy in these sectors, in the hope of helping the players in the industry gain insights into the internet industry and prepare for the future. 

    May 17 2019
  • 2019 Domestic Beauty Makeup Investment Report

    In 2018, sales of cosmetics on Tmall increased by over 60% YoY. The total number of users exceeded 300 million, of which the post-90s accounted for 51%. and over 50 million are the post-95s. On average, each user buy 3.3 lipsticks annually. On the day of Double 11 Shopping Festival in 2018, of the 167 brands with a GMV of 100 million Yuan on Tmall, 24 are cosmetics brands, including 9 domestic brands. 

    May 14 2019
  • Report of Online Game in March 2019 (The Full Report)

    Tencent's top 10 mobile games experienced a 22% Q/Q gross billing increase in 1Q19. NetEase's top 10 mobile games delivered a 7% Q/Q grossing decrease in 1Q2019, according to iResearch Consulting Group's survey and data tracking.

    Apr 26 2019