China Smartphone Market Has Unlimited Potential

iResearch released China Smartphone Market Research 2011–2012 recently, analyzing in depth the smartphone landscape in China. According to the data presented in the report, there were totally 72.1 million smartphones sold to dealers in China in 2011, increasing by 103.1%. An overview of the report in the aspect of market scale and market share is as follows:

72.1 million smartphones were sold to dealers in China in 2011, growing by 103.1%.

According to iResearch’s statistics, there were 72.1 million smartphones sold to dealers in 2011, an increase of 103.1% YOY. It’s estimated that 2012 will see the popularization of smartphones. In 2012, the smartphones sold to dealers will reach 113 million, growing by 56%.

iResearch thinks that there are over 1 billion mobile subscribers in China now, all of whom are the potential customers of smartphones. In addition, there will be much more smartphones sold to dealers due to the promotion of 1000-yuan (RMB) smartphones. The sales of smartphones will grow at a steady pace of over 30% in the next few years as predicted. Then China smartphone market will enter an era of steady development.

Smartphone manufacturers compete fiercely and China enterprises stand out.

Based on the data released by Gartner, iResearch concluded the quarterly changes of market shares taken by various smartphone manufacturers in the domestic market in 2011. Nokia smartphones sold to dealers kept falling each quarter, but Nokia still ranked first in the market. Samsung and Apple ranked second and third while Huawei and ZTE, two local brands, took the fourth and fifth place.

iResearch holds that although foreign smartphone manufacturers are still taking over a half of the total China smartphone market shares, local enterprises of China gradually stand out. Huawei and ZTE received warm welcome from the market for their launching 1000-yuan (RMB) smartphones with the cooperation of mobile operators. They successfully took the lion’s share from low-end and middle-end market. Their competitiveness began to be revealed. In the future, the local enterprises of China will continue to take more market shares as smartphones become more and more popularized. Moreover, the trends in 1000-yuan (RMB) smartphones cannot be halted any longer. More and more local enterprises will take part in the competition, bringing in fiercer atmosphere.

China Smartphone Market Research 2011–2012 analyzes in depth the roles and status of different players involved in the industry chain, interprets in detail the market scale of China smartphones and the distribution of total market shares, based on the collected data. The report thoroughly explains the current smartphone landscape in China through analyzing the performance and development of major smartphone manufacturers and Internet companies. For detailed information, please refer to the full version of the report.


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