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  • Henry Yang

    Amicability is the first impression Henry leaves on us while integrity and professionalism are his guiding principles.

    President of iResearch Group and iResearch Consulting

    Henry, a well-known entrepreneur from Yantai of Shandong province, is the founder and President of iResearch Group. After graduating from East China University of Science and Technology in 1998, he entered Internet industry with his enthusiasm for the Internet and began to operate the first online marketing information website in China, www. wisecast.com.

    Serving as the President of iResearch since its inception in 2002, Henry has been dedicated to Internet research in China and grew the small team into China's leading data consulting firm which releases a diversity of Internet research reports and data indices every year, making outstanding contributions to the development of China Internet sector.

    Henry enrolled in EMBA program at CKGSB in 2008 and became the first president of Internet Society of CKGSB. Henry is also the co-founder of ChinaVenture, China's leading investment consulting firm, and EntGroup, China's leading entertainment research service provider. In addition, Henry also engaged in angel investment projects such as Huangtaiji, Cheku Coffee, and MeiHua Information, among others.

    mail to:henry@ireaseach.com.cn
  • Lily Zou

    Lily favors efficiency and cooperation is willing to encourage and lead her team with innovation and entrepreneurship

    Co-president of iResearch Consulting

    As one of early researchers of online advertising in China, Lily serves as a core member of the founding team of iResearch Consulting. After graduating from Shanghai University of Engineering Science, she engaged in research at Internet projects incubation companies. With enthusiasm for the Internet and research, Lily joined WiseCast in 2001 and focused on research of online marketing.

    In this role, she made great contribution to the successful implementation and commercial operation of online ad monitoring service and provided services for some famous online media and advertising agencies in China.

    Lily joined iResearch at the end of 2002 and was then in charge of research management. Relying on her understanding of various Internet services, she mainly provided research and consulting services for a number of renowned domestic and foreign enterprises in the Internet sector, and the projects covered online gaming, online marketing, e-commerce, and the like.

    In January 2010, Lily was formally appointed Co-president of iResearch to manage the business in South China. While serving traditional enterprises and e-commerce operators, Lily took an active role in team building, market expansion and project management and successfully helped several traditional enterprises launch their online business.

    Since 2014, she is fully responsible for the main products of iResearch and management of professional research and consulting services.

    mail to:lily@ireaseach.com.cn
  • Jason Hao

    Jason is devoted and fair and is a cultural card of iResearch.

    Senior Vice President of iResearch Consulting

    Jason, an Internet enthusiast and technology expert from Yantai of Shandong Province, is a core member of the founding team at iResearch. He entered the Internet sector in 1997 and is proficient in the application of Web-based Internet technologies with a profound understanding of online multimedia technologies including Flash, ShockWave, and more.

    Prior to joining iResearch, Jason served a number of roles at yt365.com, Beijing Interactive Advertising, and PCHOME. Jason joined iResearch as Technology Director in April 2003. Drawing on his rich experience in online marketing data analysis, he led iResearch to grow into a technology-driven analytics company in the Internet sector and guaranteed the authority and impartiality of its data.

    To further expand such advantage, iResearch officially appointed Jason as its CTO in February 2009 to take full charge of technology development and team building, as well as provide powerful technical support for iResearch.

    mail to:jason@ireaseach.com.cn