Q3 2015 China Online Shopping GMV Attained 917.69 Bn Yuan

Source:iResearch February 18,20165:22 PM
GMV of Online Shopping in Q3 

According to the latest data from iResearch, the GMV of China online shopping came to 917.69 billion Yuan in Q3 2015, up 32.6% compared with the same period of the previous year, of which B2C accounted for 51.8% with a YoY growth of 7.3%. Tmall maintained its leading role in B2C market and took up nearly 60%, while Jd held more than half of the self-support B2C market with a fast development.

According to the latest data from iResearch, the GMV of China online shopping was 917.69 billion Yuan, up 32.6% compared with the previous year. Data from National Bureau of Statistics showed that the total retail sales of consumer goods attained 7.5 trillion Yuan, in which online shopping GMV occupied 12.3%. It can be seen that the quarterly penetration of online shopping kept rising.

iResearch holds the opinion that online shopping industry became more and more mature. E-commerce companies did not only expand the categories of their goods and improved the delivery and after-sale services, but also made great efforts on oversea shopping and e-commerce development in rural area. Under the condition of the stable structure of comprehensive e-commerce, some companies explored vertical e-commerce fields such as maternal and child market, health care and home decoration markets, which are expected to new engine for the development of online shopping in the future.
B2C vs. C2C

B2C accounted for 51.8% in online shopping market in 2015 Q3, up 7.3% compared with 2014 Q3.

According to iResearch, B2C accounted for 51.8% in China online shopping market with the GMV of 475.94 billion Yuan, up 7.3% from a year earlier and 1.1% from the previous quarter. Online shopping GMV on B2C websites increased by 54.2% in Q3 2015, much higher than 15.3% on C2C websites.

iResearch found that the market share of B2C kept increasing after it had surpassed the market share of C2C market. As online shopping market had grown up, the quality of the goods and services will give great impact on consumers’ decision making, and it will accelerate the development of B2C market. Meanwhile, C2C market is featured by large market size and a wide variety of goods and is also expected to enjoy a bright future. 
Market Share of Key Players

In Q3 2015, Tmall.com still occupied about 60% and JD.com accounted for 23.3% of B2C websites. The YoY growth of Suning.com and Vip.com were higher than average growth of the B2C websites in China, and the QoQ growth of Suning.com and Gome.com.cn was higher than the average growth of the B2C websites in China. What’s more, JD.com held more than half in online direct sales of the B2C websites and kept its leading role.

iResearch forecasted that Alibaba and JD would maintain their advantage in online shopping and they continued expanding their business in vertical fields and offline services by investments or acquisition of other companies. Other companies would also make great efforts to develop oversea shopping services and e-commerce in rural area and explore vertical segment areas such as maternal & child market and health care market. 

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