China’s Online Advertising Revenue Was Almost Twice Over The Revenue of TV and Broadcasting Ads in 2015

Source:iResearch April 07,20169:03 AM
China’s online advertising revenue exceeded 200 billion Yuan in 2015, almost twice the revenue of TV and broadcasting ads which totaled 106 billion Yuan. It is predicted that the revenue of newspaper, magazine and TV ads will continue to decline due to the growth of internet users, the increasing effective using duration of digital media and the surging online video and audio services. Meanwhile, the online advertising revenue still have a tremendous potential in the future.
According to iResearch, online advertising revenue attained 209.4 billion Yuan, up 36.0% compared with the previous year in China. and it will still keep high and steady growth with the maturating of online advertising market. Besides, the revenue is expected to break 400 billion Yuan in 2018.

China’s mobile advertising revenue rocketed to 90.1 billion Yuan in 2015, soaring 178.3% compared with 2014, which was much higher than the growth of online advertising revenue. The mobile advertising revenue is expected to exceed 300 billion Yuan in 2018 with a penetration rate of about 80%. The surging of mobile advertising is fueled by the booming of mobile Internet and mobile advertising is stepping into a new era after years of competition. Moreover, mobile advertising platforms gradually formed their scale operation in many vertical sectors and promoted innovative and mature advertising products to advertisers so as to attract them to mobile advertising market. Programmatic mobile marketing, scenario marketing, Pan-entertainment marketing and social group marketing of we media will be the outlook of mobile marketing.

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