IPTV Is Popular With Hard Core of The Society in China in 2016

Source:iResearch May 11,20169:40 AM
As a classic services combining Internet with TV, IPTV receives wide recognition from all walks. Recently, iResearch conducted telephone surveys and household surveys in Shanghai, so as to explore the difference and similarities among IPTV audience, cable TV and online video viewers.

According to the surveys, most of IPTV viewers are high-income, advanced-degree owners mainly from multi-person families; Viewers of online video websites are mainly young people, and viewers of cable TVs are mainly middle-aged and elderly people. Specially, IPTV and online video viewers overlap more than 50%.
What’s more, IPTV audience are mostly those who like to try new things and treasure family life; they are fond of social activities, hold positive attitudes towards life, love to surf the Internet at home and have colorful and fulfilling lives.

IPTV, as the main family cinema service provider, attracts the hard core of the society.

Among the IPTV viewers, 60% are male and most of them are young and middle-aged men; meanwhile, more than 70% of the users have degree of junior colleges or above and stable jobs. A large share of them are managerial personnel, receiving monthly salaries higher than that of cable TV viewers and online video viewers. Besides, most of them are from multi-person families. Thus, the IPTV viewers are always regarded as the hard core of the society, for they possess stable social status and family structure.

Among online video viewers, 61.6% of them are young people under 30. Male viewers are slightly more than female viewers. Compared with viewers of IPTV and cable TV, video viewers are usually higher-educated, and those with degree of junior colleges or above take up 88.5% of the online video viewers. Meanwhile, the average family monthly income of online video viewers is higher than that of cable TV viewers but lower than IPTV viewers. Thus, generally speaking, the online video viewers are younger and most of them have just stepped into the society.

When it comes to cable TV viewers, most of them are middle-aged and elderly people, and 70% are above 40 years old. What’s more, their education level and income are generally lower.

IPTV viewers and online video viewers overlap 54.8%, for the both groups have a large percentage of young people; However, the overlapping rate of IPTV viewers and cable TV viewers turns out to be relatively low and is only 25.6%.

IPTV viewers like to try new things and treasure the family life.

According to IPTV viewers’ response to the survey, they love to try new things particularly, and are willing to spend time with their families and treasure family life much than their career. This indicates that they stand for family value.
IPTV viewers prefer indoor activities.

For IPTV viewers, partying with friends, reading books, watching movies and playing games at home are their main entertaining activities. They love social activities, hold positive attitude towards life and love to surf the Internet at home. Their lives are colorful and fulfilling.

Based on the surveys, iResearch finds that advertising should be placed according to differentiation in viewers of IPTV, online video and cable TV based on their unique resources so that the ads can be as precise and effective as possible.
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