Internet Users Are Shifting From PC to Mobile in China

Source:iResearch June 02,201612:30 PM
Netizens increased while transformation rate of non-netizen to netizen declined

The data from CNNIC showed that the number of Internet users in China attained 690 million by Dec 2015, increased by 39.51 million internet users and 6.1%, which was higher 1.1% than the growth in 2014. The penetration rate of Internet in China has reached 50.3% in 2015, outstripping the global average by 3.9% and the Asian average by 10.1%. Due to the decrease of people who can be easily transformed to internet users and the limitation of Chinese non-netizens’ common features, low internet-access willingness and the knowledge of Internet, the conversion rate of non-netizens is expected to continue declining in the future.
New internet users prefer accessing internet via mobile devices.

According to the latest data from CNNIC, mobile netizens reached 620 million in China by Dec 2015, the share of which grew to 90.1% in 2015 from 85.5% in 2014.

The surveys of new netizens in China showed that the internet-accessing device most frequently used by new internet users in 2015 was mobile phone with a using rate of 71.5%, up 7.4% compared with the previous year. Among the new netizens, young people under 19 years old and students accounted for 46.1% and 46.4% separately, for the portable mobile phone met their large demand for entertainment and communication. What’s more, the using rate of PC was 39.2% in 2015, declining slightly compared with 2014, which indicated that the mobile device became more popular and important and would gradually took the place of PC.
Among main internet services,news and e-commerce on PC grew fastest in unique visitors.

According to data from iUserTracker, an Internet using behavior continuous measuring product via PC launched by iResearch, search service and online video have been maintaining their leading role in monthly unique users since 2014 and enjoyed steady growth in Dec 2015. Meanwhile, monthly unique users of news and e-commerce hit 480 million and 460 million with the growth of 13.2% and 10.6% respectively,which were the highest growth among main internet service. However, the monthly unique users of social networking services declined slightly in July 2015, mainly because of users’ shifting from PC to mobile device.
All categories of mobile apps increased in unique visitors.

According to data from mUserTracker, an Internet using behavior continuous measuring product via mobile devices launched by iResearch, the monthly unique users of instant messaging apps attained 620 million in Dec 2015, much higher than that of other apps. Unique users of online shopping apps was 320 million, up 20.2% compared with Jan 2015.

Generally speaking, the unique users of seven main categories of apps increased slightly in 2015. However, app stores and system tool apps had lowest growth among all the apps. Their growth rates were 0.2% and 7.9% through 2015.

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