China’s Online Video Revenue Soared 81.5% in Q1 2016

Source:iResearch June 20,201612:59 PM
In Q1 2016, online video revenue attained 12.23 billion Yuan, falling 6.8% compared with the preious quarter  but surging 81.5% from a year earlier. The slight decline of the QoQ growth can be attributed to the seasonal fluctuation.
In China’s online video revenue, advertising revenue took the largest share and accounted for 58.5% in Q1 2016. Meanwhile, fees charged from viewers took increasing share in non-ads revenue and got the share of 14.1%. iResearch holds the opinion that the steady growth of online video advertising revenue and the booming up of non-ads revenue will be the two main engines for sustainable and rapid development of online video industry.
In Q1 2016, China’s online video advertising revenue reached 7.16 billion Yuan with a QoQ decline of 3.0% and a YoY growth of 70.1%. The revenue declined slightly because Q1 was a traditional low season for online advertising. However, the revenue increased nearly 3 billion Yuan compared with the same period of the previous year.
In Q1 2016, mobile video advertising reached 4.22 billion Yuan, soaring 205.7% in comparison to the same period of the previous year, and it captured 59% of the online video advertising revenue in China. iResearch holds the opinion that with rising growth of mobile traffic and the accelerated commercialization of mobile video content, online video advertising revenue is expected to miantain growth in the future.
In Q1 2016, TV dramas accounted for 51.1%, the largest share in China’s various online video contents by effective viewing duration, although the figure declined slightly. Variety shows held a share of 16.3%, which was the peak in recent two years. Movies increased a little in effective viewing duration and its occupied 9.2%. 

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