Big Data Usage Expands to Various Industries From Internet in China

Source:iResearch January 03,20173:04 PM
According to statistics of CAICT, revenue of big data market in China totalled about 8.4 billion Yuan in 2014 and reached 11.59 billion Yuan in 2015. the growth rate was 38%. and from 2016 to 2018, revenue of big data market in China was expected to keep growing rapidly at a rate of about 40%. 

Since 2006, China has rolled out many regulations to promote data opening and sharing and to guide the sound development of big data industry. By industry, internet is the leader in big data application, followed by telecom and finance where big data application is also well developed. While health care, retailing, transportation, logistics and other traditional industries are exploring big data and some of them have seen mature applications. On the whole, application of big data among enterprises is on the rise. 
Digitalization experiences the different processes in different industries. With low penetration, big data technology and applications still has much room for growth in some traditional industries.

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