China's Internet Economy Saw Steady Development in Q3 2016

Source:iResearch January 09,20172:57 PM
Generally speaking, China’s Internet economy developed steadily in Q3 2016. In Q3 2016,China’s Internet economy revenue attained 352.53 billion Yuan with a QoQ growth of  2.6%, higher than the growth rate of GDP was only 1.8% in Q3. Third party payment had a QoQ growth of 19.3%, online advertising had a QoQ growth of 9.4%, and online gaming obtained a QoQ growth of 5.9%.
Meanwhile, in Q3 2016, the revenue of PC Internet economy totaled 166.10 billion Yuan, accounting for 47.1% in China’s internet economy revenue, and the revenue of mobile Internet economy attained 186.44 billion Yuan, grabbed 52.9%.. From an overall point of view, the mobile Internet economy is now ahead of PC Internet economy with an expanding market share, and the gap between PC and mobile Internet economy is widening. In the future, mobile Internet economy will take a leading role in Internet economy.
In the total revenue of China’s internet economy in Q3 2016, e-commerce, the main contributor of the Internet economy development, took a share of nearly 60%.Another important sector, online advertising took a share of nearly 20% and ranked the second. Meanwhile, online gaming accounted for 12.5% and third-party payment accounted for 7.2%.
China’s mobile internet economy obtained the revenue of 186.44 billion Yuan in Q3 2016, occupied more than 50% in the revenue of internet economy. Online shopping via PC and mobile was the first largest market segment and even mobile shopping took a share of 51.0% in mobile internet economy by revenue in Q3 2016.
Meanwhile, online advertising via PC and mobile served as the second largest market segment. China’s Internet market has stepped into the mobilization era. Mobile advertising accounted for 59.7% in online advertising, and the mobile gaming took up 55.8% in online gaming market, more than 50% as well. Meanwhile, mobile third party payment occupied 43.2% in China’s third party payment market with a QoQ growth of 4.8%.
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