Copyrighted Contents Were Popular Among Mobile Video Apps Users in 2016

Source:iResearch February 13,20172:38 PM
According to data from mUserTracker, a mobile Internet user behavior measurement database launched by iResearch, China’s online video apps can be divided into three echelons. iQiYi, Tencent Video and Le Video which were used on more than 100 million devices were grouped as the first echelon in every month of 2016. MGTV, Sohu Video and Baofeng which were used on over 50 million devices in every month of 2016. Baofeng was the only aggregation video app among the first and second echelons, and copyrighted video were still popular among the audience.

iResearch believes that as the copyright protection consciousness rises and payment habit are formed, copyrighted online video will enjoy a bright future, for its high-quality picture will significantly improve the watching experience of the audience. 

Top apps in online video sector have accumulated a large user base and they have maintained steady growth. Although Miuivideo and Fun TV apps only held a small number of users, they had a good performance in 2016 and were expected to have a bright future in multi-screen development.  

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