The Stickiness of The Leading Bicycle-Sharing Apps Continues Rising in 2017

Source:iResearch February 21,201710:56 AM
China's Internet travel services rapidly developed since 2015. Various service modes were promoted, and bicycle-sharing boomed up. Represented by Mobike and ofo, bicycle-sharing well satisfied the market demand for transportation for “last kilometer in the trip”.

Compared with online taxi-hailing, bicycle-sharing is cheaper, more flexible, more eco-friendly and can be used in more situations. It does not only save users’ time, energy and money, but also helped with the environment protection. Currently, bicycle-sharing developed fast with rising penetration rate and has become an important transportation method thanks to its convenience, flexibility, high performance-price ratio and eco-friendliness. 

Currently, the main participants in domestic bicycle-sharing market are Mobike, ofo, U-Bicycle, Xiaoming Bicycle and Bluegogo. 11 of bicycle-sharing companies have released their financing information, and the total financing amount has exceeded 3 billion Yuan until H2 2016. Mobike and ofo has completed their C and D round of financing; U-Bicycle received three rounds of funding in three months and has completed its Series A+ round financing; and Xiaoming Bicycle has finished its B financing round. 

Specially, Mobike has received fund totaling more than 400 million US dollars from JoyCapital, Hillhouse Capital, Warburg Pincus, SequoiaCapital, TPG, Tencent, Ctrip, Huazhu, Foxconn and other investment institutions and has entered 18 cities in China. ofo has got financing from MatrixPartners China, GSR Ventures, Will Hunting Capital, Didi, Xiaomi and other investment institutions and the financing totaled around 200 million US dollars. It has business in 33 cities in China currently.

mUserTracker 3.0 launched by iResearch offers multi-dimensional data and insight based on long-term measurement of user behavior of 4 million mobile phone and tablets as well as communication measurement of more than 100 million mobile devices. The data from mUserTracker show that Mobike app and OFO app had the largest user base in the bicycle-sharing sector and their weekly active users both exceeded 100 million in Dec 2016, which indicated the both had the highest penetration rate in bicycle-sharing market.

The winter of 2016 witnessed the booming of bicycle-sharing. The average daily usage duration of Mobike app increased to 9.29 million minutes in the first week of 2017 (Jan. 02 2017- Jan. 08 2017) from 7.65 million minutes in the first week of Dec 2016 (Dec. 05 2016 - Dec. 11 2016), and at the same period, the average daily usage duration of ofo app was around 2.90 million minutes. What’s more, the weekly active users (WAU) of Mobike app (excluding the mini app in WeChat) reached 5.85 million in the first week of 2017, up 20% compared with in the first week of Dec 2016; meanwhile, OFO APP enjoyed a WAU of 1.50 million.

Bicycle-sharing market is experiencing a steady growth in 2017. As he earliest entrants of bicycle-sharing market, Mobike app and ofo app with the largest user base and the largest amount of financing had outstanding performance in users’ awareness, bicycle ownership and popularity. Thus, iResearch believes that the later-comers in the bicycle-sharing sector need to work hard to catch up with these two leading companies. 

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