China's Mobile Social Apps Developed Rapidly in 2016

Source:iResearch March 02,201712:37 PM

The data from mUserTracker show that the monthly active devices where mobile social apps were start reached 560 million in China in Nov 2016, and the active users of mobile social apps experienced decelerated growth in the first seven month but increased obviously in August. 

China and global social network marketing grew fast in recent years. According to the latest data from iResearch, the revenue of China’s social advertising totaled 24.1 billion Yuan in 2016, and it is expected to exceed 70 billion Yuan in 2019. The advancement of advertising technologies and the combination of display advertisements and effect-based advertisements improved the effect of social advertisements. Meanwhile, the advertising forms change with the development of social network, such as original in streaming advertisements and video advertisements, drove social advertising to a new upsurge of development. 

The data from mUserTracker showed that China’s mobile social apps had clear echelon structure. WeChat, QQ and Sina Weibo took the lead in user loyalty, and their share in monthly active devices and monthly effective using time of all the social apps have exceeded 10%. The second echelon consisted of Momo, Baidu Tieba and QQ Zone (in no particular order) in terms of their active devices, while Momo had the highest user loyalty among the three apps. The third echelon was mainly made up by vertical social apps, and their share were less than 5% by monthly active devices and monthly effective using time. 

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