The Revenue of China's Online Education Broke 150 Bn Yuan in 2016

Source:iResearch March 03,20176:27 AM
According to ] iResearch, the revenue of China’s online education reached 156.02 billion Yuan in 2016 with a growth of 27.3%. iResearch forecasts that with the growth of online education users, the revenue of online education will keep increasing and attain 269.26 billion Yuan in 2019. K12 education is the main accelerator of the growth of online education, and K12 education and vocational education are the main part of online education market.
Data from iResearch shows that the number of online education users totaled 90.01 million in 2016, rising 21.5% from the previous year. It’s expected to keep a growth higher than 20% and reach 160 million in 2019. iResearch holds the opinion that two factors contributed much to the user growth in 2016. One is the steady growth of internet users in China. The other is the maturing of related technologies. More and more online education products were released, attracting users of different ages with diversified demands to participant in online education.
Data from iResearch shows that among online vocational education market segments, online K12 education, online vocational education and online higher degree education ranked the top three, taking up 86.5% of online education market.

iResearch believes that online K12 education and vocational education will be the main part of online education market in the near future. As online education technology is maturing and online teaching methods are diversifying, parents will trust online education at a higher degree and the market share of K12 education will thus show a rising trend. As for online vocational education, the content is closely related to the work and students can take the course anywhere at any time, therefore, user are more willing to pay for online vocational education service. 

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