China's Online Audio Sector Has a Promising Future

Source:iResearch March 07,20172:24 PM
With the soaring ownership of mobile devices accessing to internet and the emerging of audio platforms in China, number of online audio listeners experienced explosive growth during 2012- 2015 and entered the period of steady growth after completion of popularization of mobile internet in 2016. The online audio market competition shifts from raising listeners’ awareness of the services to accumulation of listeners and stickiness of audio platforms.
About 50% of China’s paying audio listeners online spent money on program subscription and paid downloads in 2016.

Reasons: subscription services usually provide members with high-quality exclusive audios or articles, and sometimes organize luck draws, give away coupons and offer other extra benefits to members, therefore, the subscription services can be very appealing to high-end customers. Moreover, good audio programs and audio books with strong celebrity effect further stimulated the development of paid audio downloading services.
The online audio contents are getting increasingly diversified, individualized and professional. The vitality and attraction of online audio sector relies on the richness of its content ecology which can meet different user groups’ diversified demands for audio types and audio content. Thus, diversification, individualization and professionalization of the audio content are believed to be not only the features but also the future trend of online audio sector.

Online audio sector has long been searching for the key to value creation and monetization. Based on the continuous exploration by audio platforms and the development experience of other Internet content-based sector, marketing/advertising, user payment and IP adaption and derivative will very likely become the main segments in online audio sector.
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