Search Engine and Portal Are Still The Important Entance to PC Internet

Source:iResearch March 09,20173:23 PM
With the prosperity of artificial intelligence market, PCs in Internet market seems to be a little bit “out of fashion”in China. However, as the earliest internet surfing devices, PCs still play an important role in people’s work and daily life. Therefore, what changes have taken place in PC market’s traffic and structure in the past year? The following is the analysis about it.

Data from iUserTracker, an online behavior measurement database launched by iResearch,  show that the unique visitors of PC internet totaled 504 million in Jan 2017 with a YoY decline of 3.5%. iResearch believes that the decrease of easy-transforming people led to the exhaustion of demographic dividend in Internet industry. Meanwhile, the transforming speed of Chinese non-netizens was increasingly slower due to their low desire for Internet using, limited knowledge about Internet and other features. Thus, the monthly unique visitors of PC internet are expected to float around 500 million in the near future.
Data from iUserTracker show that in terms of monthly unique visitors, search engines ranked the top among all the categories of the websites on PC with monthly unique visitors of 495 million, accounting for 98.4%. Portal websites with unique visitors of 491 million was the second, grabbing a share of 97.6%. iResearch believes that search engines and portal websites still served as the main traffic sources of PC internet, and their position in the market were unshakable.
Data from iUserTracker show that in January 2017, there were 21 websites with more than 10 million daily active users (DAUs) in China. and they could be divided into two echelons. and composed the first echelon with more than 80 million DAUs, much more than that of other websites; and other 18 websites with DAUs between 10 million and 60 million made up the second echelon. Meanwhile, among all the websites above, portal websites, online video websites, search engines, online shopping websites and navigation sites held a largest share. iResearch holds the opinion that the two-echelon structure will remain in the future and the ranking list of the websites in the second echelon is expected to have slight changes due to the influence of the hot events.


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