Live Streaming Audience Have Low Paying Rate in China

Source:iResearch March 16,20172:42 PM
The audience have diversified purposes for live streaming watching. Their purposes  come down to six catgories which  are  seeking for others’ companying, seeking for entertaining, killing time, watching heavy gamers playing -sports games, following idle and chasing after fashion. The audience seeking for entertaining held the largest share and accounted for 29.4% in the whole pan-entertainment live streaming viewers.  Meanwhile, the audience for time killing and watching game playing took up 20.6% and 18.6% respectively. The auidence with these three purposes were the main component of pan entertainment live streaming viewers. 
Currently the competition among pan entertainment live streaming platforms becomes increasingly fierce. The paying viewers only account for a small share among the whole audience and most of them give less than three streamers virtual gifts which they bought online. This indicates that fierce competition has existed not only among different platforms but also among different streamers. Thus, it is important for both streamers and live streaming platforms to find out how to cultivate core fan groups. 

Similar with the purposes for live streaming watching, the reasons for users’ payment also greatly diversified. The audience for companying displayed high user loyalty and paying tendency despite of its relatively small number. At the mean time, audience for entertainment with the largest share in the market had satisfyingly high paying rate. Thus, pan entertainment live streaming platforms should pay more attention to audience for companying and entertainment so as to increase the general revenue of the platforms.

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