“Audio Visual + Entertainment” Was The Theme of PC Internet At The End of 2016

Source:iResearch March 17,20178:52 AM
Mobile internet became more mature in 2016 and was considered to a power to change the internet world. However, PC internet still maintained steady development and some PC internet segments entered into the stage of precision development.  At the end of 2016, “audio visual + entertainment” was the theme of PC internet.
The data from iResearch show that the monthly viewing time of China’s online video websites generally grew significantly in Dec 2016, and the growth rates of PPTV and Bilibili topped 10%. Moreover, user loyalty of MGTV, Tudou, Fun.tv and iQiYi increased on PC as well. It can be seen that more internet users preferred watching TV drama, variety shows or comics to relax themselves in China at the end of the year and thus “audio visual + entertainment” became the theme.

Generally speaking, iQiYi had more male audience than female audience on PC and most of the audience aged 19-35 in Dec 2016. Meanwhile, MGTV had more female audience, which grabbed a larger share than female audience on PC and its audience aged 19-24 took up 40% in all its audience in Dec 2016. and MGTV’s audience under 18-years-old held a larger share than that of iQiYi on PC. However, the profile of iQiYi audience was more similar with the general picture of China’s internet users, indicating that iQiYi had a higher penetration rate. MGTV was more popular with young audience.

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