iResearch Can Draw Eshooper Portraits

Source:iResearch April 13,201712:21 PM
iResearch accumulates data and anlysis experience in online shopping for many years.Also, we can dram an vivid portrait for online shoppers in China. We use purchasing data to analyze online shoppers,especially order data which truely reflect shoopers' demand, prefference and inclination.In this way, we can know their lifestyle.And it is no doubt that we can learn about the markets. 
What we can do via studying the eShopper Portraits?

Lock in the market white space for a new developing product;
Refine the proposition for an existing product to meet the Shoppers’ needs;
Learn and manage the market dynamics during the product’s whole life cycle.
Research content & method
Measurement scope: Taobao, Tmall (including flagship stores, exclusive stores, supermarket, Tmall global); and other platforms (Jingdong, etc.) to be developed;
Retrospective time: As early as 2015;
Data dimension:
1. Demographics
Gender, age & location and concentration analysis
2.1 Target product purchase behavior 
Ranking of target categories by purchase rate, and brand competition landscape; 
TOP SKU attribute analysis 
Price, specifications, product forms, attributes of popular products;
2.2 Associated purchase
Associated purchase by sub-category; 
Cross-category associated purchase;
Product attributes of associated purchase; 
Consumer tiers based on cross-category purchase behaviors;
Consumer portraits and comparison by competitive brands
3. Media behavior (coming soon)
Websites frequently visited by target group 
APPs frequently used by target group 
Social behaviors and advertorials 
Data source: Research big data platform, data collected by iResearch’s crawlers, iResearch’s sample measurements, data from telecom partners, order data of target group collected through cross-category association. 

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