The Loss Caused by China's Online Pirated Literature Dropped Steadily in 2016

Source:iResearch April 18,20175:57 AM
Compared with 2015, the share of online literature readers who only read online literatures with copyright among all the readers rose slightly in 2016, and the share of those who only read pirate works was basically unchanged. Thus, judging from change of the reader structure, it seemed that the spread of pirate online literature was primarily inhibited and its booming trend was reversed. Also, it marked an early victory of the fight against pirate online literatures initiated by the government, related companies and industries.

According to the lost estimation model of online literature by iResearch, the loss caused by online literature pirating dropped steadily on PC in recent years. It declined from 432 million Yuan in 2014 to 296 million Yuan in 2016. The effective implantation of “Jian Wang Action” and the voluntarily copyright safeguarding of online literature companies led to extensive closing downs of pirating online literature websites and significantly changed readers’ reading channels for online literatures. iResearch estimated that the loss for online literature caused by pirate will continue its decline after 2017, however, the felling speed of the loss brought by pirated online literature will be slower due to the growing difficulty of combating pirating because pirated online literature websites will be better concealed and dispersed.
Meanwhile, the growth rate of loss caused by mobile pirated literature declined significantly in 2016 compared with that in the previous year. Taking the fast development of the industry and the continuous share increase of paid users into consideration, the loss saw a slight rise and mobile pirated literature was under a modest control in the previous year. In the future, cooperation among the government, the related companies and industries is needed so as to carry out more effective and comprehensive measurements to fight against online literature pirating.
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