Maternal & Kid Apps Are Increasingly Popular

Source:iResearch April 21,201712:48 AM
70% of maternal & kid app users came to know the apps through word of mouth

The data from iResearch show nearly 70% of maternal & kid app users started to use the apps for recommendation from relatives and friends. Meanwhile, 11.6% and 7.8% of users were introduced to maternal & kid apps via app stores and social advertisements. It can be seen that word of mouth was the main promotion channel for maternal & kid apps, and app stores and social network also contributed much to the promotion of maternal & kid apps.  
Users were most active after supper and before bedtime

The using peak of maternal & kid app users appeared during 10:00-12:00 am and 20:00-22:00 pm in a day, in other words, these two periods before lunch and after supper when people are able to get rid of stressful works and tiring household duties and entertain themselves. However, maternal & kid app users were most active at the period of 18:00-22:00, that is, the period after supper and before bedtime.
The most important motivation for using maternal & kid apps was recording the experience of children’s growth.  

The most important reasons for users to use maternal & kid apps was recording children’s growth experiences, which took a share of 86.8% among the users. Also, nearly 70% of users regarded maternal & kid apps as channels to share the dynamics of children with their family and to acquire knowledge on taking care of maternal, babies or kids. What’s more, 40.2%, 32.3%, 26.1% and 22.0% of users who took early educating, maternal & kid product shopping, children dynamics sharing within their social circle and interacting with other child-raising families as their main purpose for using maternal & kid apps respectively.
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