Monthly UVs of China's Online Dating & Matchmaking Websites Maintained a Slight Decline Trend in Q4 2016

Source:iResearch April 21,20172:16 PM
The data from iUserTracker, an online measurement product launched by iResearch, the monthly unique visitors (UVs) of China’s online dating &matchmaking websites via PC total 14.85 million, 14.01 million and 13.12 million separately in October, November and December of 2016, showing a slight decline compared with the corresponding periods of the previous quarter. 
iResearch holds the opinion that the continuous decline of monthly UVs of online dating & matchmaking websites was mainly due to the users’ shifting from PC to mobile. Meanwhile, the fact that daily UVs of China’s online dating & matchmaking websites on PC kept stable while the monthly UVs declined indicated that, users shifting from PC to mobile were mainly new users, and high-loyalty users’ using habits were generally unchanged.

The data from iUserTracker show the daily UVs of China’s core online dating & matchmaking websites on PC was generally stable in Q4 2016. Jiayuan kept a significant advantage in UVs over other companies, and the following four companies in the Top 5 list were &,, and
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