China's Live Mobile Game Streaming Saw Steady Development in Q4 2016

Source:iResearch April 27,20171:45 PM
After the daily active audience of live mobile game streaming increase in July and August of 2016, the sector’s growth decelerated in Q4 2016. Apart from the influence of the beginning of a new semester, the popularity of live mobile game streaming platforms increased 5 times throughout 2016 and the penetration of competitive mobile game streaming among the general target audience was high. Meanwhile, the structure of mobile video streaming market was gradually clear as the audience scale was stable. The mobile video streaming platforms with a relative large market share in this period will have greater first-mover advantage in the future competitions.
In 2016, more than 80% of the live mobile game streaming audience watched competitive mobile game streaming. In Q4 2016 heavy competitive mobile gaming live shows held a larger share than light competitive mobile gaming live streaming and became the favorite among the live streaming audience. iResearch holds the opinion that the series of national mobile gaming competitions were held and they attracted much traffic to heavy mobile game streaming at the end of 2016. What’s more, stand-alone and non-competitive live mobile game streaming enjoyed an increasing in market share compared with the beginning of 2016, indicating that the content of live mobile game streaming is becoming increasingly rich and diversified.
The chart below shows that Chushou TV took the commanding lead among all the live mobile game streaming platforms by streamers in Q4 2016. However, the fast growth of steamers indicates that Huya TV, Douyu TV and other comprehensive live streaming platforms has started to develop live mobile game streaming businesses and introduced a number of mobile game streamers to their platforms. With the further exploration of mobile gaming’s value, the competition among live mobile game streaming platforms will get increasingly fierce.
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