Mobile Audio Is Up-Rising in China's Vehicle Media Market

Source:iResearch May 04,20173:17 PM
Usually, vehicle audio programs are played by mobile phones connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, vehicle FM launchers and mobile phones connected to the vehicle via data wire. However, users can not conveniently operate the devices in these ways, such as selecting the audio program through those traditional connecting methods. The technical cooperation among audio platforms, vehicle information system developer and general screen projecting service providers for more convenient operation and better use experience will be the key to the future development of vehicle mobile audio sector.
Thanks to the very high content coincidence degree and the similarity of media forms between traditional radio and vehicle audio, traditional radio actually laid a solid audience base foundation for the development of vehicle audio, and the audience of traditional radio programs naturally became the potential audience of vehicle audio programs. In the survey, nearly 80% traditional radio audience who didn’t listened to mobile audio programs knew the concept of mobile audio, and among them more than 65% said that they were willing to listen to mobile audio programs during their trips in the future. Thus, how to transfer the traditional vehicle radio audience to vehicle audio audience will be the key point for the future competition of mobile audio sector. 

As for the audio advertisements in vehicle audio programs, share of the audience who pay attention to the audio ads is slightly larger than the share of traditional radio audience, both of which were higher than 60%. However, mobile audio audiences are more receptive to audio ads than traditional radio audience. Thus, it can be inferred that mobile audio have better advertising effect and higher marketing value than traditional radio.
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