China's B2C Online Shopping Saw High Growth in Q1 2017

Source:iResearch July 06,20175:20 PM
China’s online shopping GMV attained 1.26 trillion Yuan in Q1 2017 with a YoY growth of 29.7% and a QoQ decline of 16.1%.

Data from iResearch show that the GMV of China’s B2C online shopping reached 0.7 trillion Yuan in Q1 2017, which accounted for 56.1% in the whole online shopping market, dropping 17.3% compared with the previous quarter but increasing 5.2% from a year earlier. Seen from the growth, B2C market saw a YoY growth of 35.2%, higher than the C2C market growth (23.3%). 
iResearch holds the opinion that the share of B2C market will continue its high growth and become the main driving force of online shopping market’s growth in the future, since the quality of the products and related services has become a vitally important factor in decision making for online shoppers in China as the online shopping is maturing.

Furthermore, the long-tail market promoted the development of C2C market which could satisfy customers’ personalized demands. As the new generation of consumers taking the leading in online shopping, the long-tail market is developing fast and is believed to enjoy a bright future, and C2C market is expected to keep its growth as well in the future.

In China’s B2C market, still held the largest market share and ranked the second. As for the YoY growth in the market share, the growth rates of, and were all higher than the general growth of B2C market. 


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