Fruits Are Most Popular Among Online Fresh Food Shoppers

Source:iResearch July 10,20173:21 PM
According to data from iResearch, fruits were the most popular products sold on fresh food websites among first-tier city fresh food online shoppers, given that 78.1% of the website users frequently bought fruits online and 32.1% of them most frequently bought fruits online. Milk was the second category popular with online shoppers. Those frequently buying milk and most often buying milk took up 70.0% and 13.8% separately. Oil & foodstuffs and snacks took the third and fourth place, and vegetables ranked the fifth with a share of 8.7%.
Data from iResearch shows that apart from fruits, those who love staying at home were more willing to buy milk and snacks on fresh food shopping websites, showing a frequent buyer share of 13.7% and 13.3% respectively. Those who preferred bodybuilding during leisure time favor oil & foodstuffs and vegetables, of which frequent buyer accounted for 12.4% and 11.2%, meanwhile, only 7.9% of them who preferred bodybuilding during leisure time frequent bought snacks, 5.4% less than the share of those who preferred staying at home at leisure time. iResearch holds the opinion that this is closely related to the different life style of different consumer groups. Home men and home women spend more time watching TV drama or playing games at home, so they usually have higher demand for snacks; while exercisers pay more attention to their health and body shaping, and thus they buy vegetables more often to be their food. 
According to data from iResearch, the single and the non-single people have different shopping appetites as well. Generally speaking, the single loved snacks and got a share of 15.5%, while the non-single preferred milk and oil & foodstuffs, taking up 13.7% and 11.5% separately. iResearch believes that the non-single have stronger responsibility for the health of family and partners, and have more chances dining at home than the single, thus they buy oil & foodstuffs and milk more frequently.

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