China’s Social Networking Apps Saw a Sustained Growth in Q1 2017

Source:iResearch August 03,20171:37 AM
From March to November in 2016, China’s social networking app saw a sustained growth in the number of its unique devices. The growth reached the peak during the Olympic Games and the number of users hit the highest in November 2016. A slight decline was encountered from December 2016 to March 2017, but on the whole, the growth trend was steady. In March 2017, the number of the unique devices of China’s social networking apps surpassed 550 million units, up 21.1% from an earlier year.
In general, the monthly effective using duration of China’s social networking apps maintained steady growth and the loyalty of users got enhanced from March 2016 to March 2017. In detail, the monthly effective using time of the apps increased in alternative way and was influenced by large-scale activities and social events. Therefore, its monthly growth rate changed greatly. 
China’s social advertising revemue hit 23.96 billion Yuan in 2016 and is estimated to exceed 80 billion Yuan in 2019. Chinese and global social marketing are expected to grow rapidly. The improvement of advertising technologies and integration of display advertising and performance-based advertising strengthen social network advertising effectiveness. Based on social network, the developing out-stream news feed ads and video ads will push social network advertising toward the period of rapid growth.

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