China's Social Advertising Was Expected to Broke 80 Bn Yuan in 2019

Source:iResearch August 29,20172:16 PM
China and global social advertising shows a rapid growth in general. In 2016, China’s social online advertising totaled 23.96 billion Yuan and was expected to exceed 80 billion Yuan in 2019. The advancement in advertising technology and the connection of display ads and effect ads improved the effect of social advertising together; The developing out-stream news feeds advertising based on social network and the evolution of video ads and other ads forms further boomed the development of social advertising.
Generally speaking, mobile social app users were receptive for the advertisements in the apps in 2016, and mobile social advertising became one of the main accelerators of online marketing industry. iResearch holds the opinion that the innovation of ads are nowadays closely connected with people’s life thanks to the development of social marketing. Thus, information from ads become more effective for the app users.

Among all the advertising forms, mobile social app users are very satisfied with H5 ads, news feed ads, promotion marketing ads, brand placement ads and video ads. In addition, seen from advertising forms which users easily noticed and clicked, video ads, news feed ads, QR code ads, brand placement ads and promotion ads are all user-friendly and are preferred by the audience, while interstitials and pop-up ads offered relatively worse user experience.

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