160 Mn Live Sports Tournament Audiences Are The New Sources of Live Streaming Industry

Source:iResearch August 31,20175:59 PM

Recently, sports industry, especially the sports tournament industry, has newly become a hot field in China, and at the same time the convenient live sports tournament streaming is getting increasingly popular as well. According to the published data from Internet as well as the analysis by iResearch, number of domestic live sports tournament streaming audiences who watch sports tournaments on PC, mobile phone, tablet and Internet TV is expected to reach 160 million and 220 million in 2017 and 2018 together with the rising copyrighted live sports tournament streaming sources and the fast development of live sports tournament streaming platforms. Meanwhile, thanks to the instant share about sports tournaments through social channels based on short video, as well as the cooperation of entertainment industry and live streaming industry, online sport sports tournament streaming is expected to have a wider coverage and maintain the growth. 

The large viewer base cultivates a huge market. Meanwhile, the copyright and service regularization of online sports live streaming platforms pave the way for the commercialization of online live sports tournament streaming.

Recently, the copyright management of domestic sports tournaments is getting more and more regularized. Online sports platforms and video platforms are actively purchasing the live broadcasting copyright of sports tournaments so as to offer audience abundant and professional HD live streaming service. Apart from high-quality copyright and services, online sports platforms also provide businesses such as paid watching services, online advertising and copyright distribution to make money with the copyright they got, which contributes much to the further development of the industry. In the future, with more derived content and products of sports tournaments centered on the live sports tournaments streaming, the industry is expected to have a large development potential.

As the top IP, online live sports tournament streaming industry itself is a content resource of high-quality. If it can be combined with live streaming businesses, it will have an even brighter future.

A. As for the content, online live sports tournament streaming allows sport anchors, critics and even streamers more room to bring their talents into full play with professional or innovative commentary, which future improves the charm of the live streaming and the watching experience among the audience.

B. As for the commercial value, live sports tournament streaming is able to explore the need of sport devotees and drain traffic with officially authorized products based on follower economy. The sales of popular derived products can be one of the monetization channel of live sports tournaments streaming with great potential.

C. As for the interaction with audience, the barrage and rewarding services, transforming passive watching to active communication, give the audience chances to fully participate in the sports tournaments. This highlights the audience-platform-interaction feature of live streaming platforms and allows larger room for its commercialization. 

Generally speaking, the combination of sports tournaments and live streaming platforms will produce greater value for sports tournaments which become an important resource of live streaming platforms at the same time. Take Longzhu under Suning as an example. Relying on the top live broadcasting resources of core sport tournaments such as CSL, Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish Liga, AFC and UEFA from Suning Sport, Longzhu obtained significant differentiated competition advantages compared with other gaming and entertaining live streaming platforms. Meanwhile, the large number of outstanding entertainment live streaming streamers accelerates the development of live sports streaming and enriches the content of live streaming platforms.

All in all, users has developed a habit of watching live sports tournament streaming online, and the market is believed to have a huge potential with a viewer base as large as nearly 200 million. Meanwhile, the value of online live sports tournament streaming will future increase with the cooperation of sports tournaments and live streaming platforms, and online live sports tournament streaming will become a new booming segment in live streaming industry.

Note: the number of online live sports tournament streaming viewers refers to the number of people who watch live sports tournament streaming on PC, mobile phone, tablet and Internet TV online within a year.

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