Chinese Gamers Smoothly Transfered From PC to Mobile in Q2 2017

Source:iResearch September 11,20173:25 PM
In Q2 2017, the revenue of China’s PC gaming market attained 20.6 billion Yuan, decreasing 2.6% compared with the previous quarter but up 12.2% from the corresponding period of the previous year. The decreasing of quarter-on-quarter growth was mainly attributed to seasonal factors. Most students were anxious to prepare for their final exams and had little time to play PC games at the end of the second semester. Moreover, fueled by the success of the phenomenal game “King of Glory”, mobile games became more mature in playing rules and tended to be designed on the pattern of e-sports, which enabled former PC game players to accept mobile games. Generally, PC gaming market developed stably without the risk of sharp drop.
China’s mobile gaming market grew steadily to roughly 38.9 billion Yuan in Q2 2017, rising 58.8% from a year earlier and 5.7% versus the previous quarter. Although the phenomenal game “King of Glory” has attracted more social attention to mobile games, China’s mobile gaming market need more innovative and interesting games to push up the market.
Generally, the number of online game players has been maintained stable. In fact, PC games saw a slight decline in number of numbers while mobile games experienced a slight increase. This indicated that some game players shift from PCs to mobile devices. Overall, the number of PC game players and  mobile game players remained high and stable.

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