China's Programmatic Purchasing Grew Faster on Mobile Than on PC

Source:iResearch September 13,20178:08 PM
In 2016, the spending on display advertising purchased programmatically in China reached 20.53 billion Yuan, surging 78.5% from a year earlier and was expected to attain 67.79 billion Yuan in 2019. iResearch found that China's programmatic purchasing had kept a growth higher than 100% since 2012, and it slowed down its development after the adjustment period in 2016. In the long run, China’s programmatic purchasing is still in its initial stage and still has large room for development. However, as for the developing mode, China’s programmatic purchasing will shift its high-speed booming to medium-high-speed development.
In 2016 the spending on mobile display advertising purchased programmatically reached 10.31 billion Yuan, soaring 206.2% from a year earlier and was expected to attain 45.10 billion Yuan by 2019. iResearch holds the opinion that mobile programmatic purchasing has become the main development accelerator of programmatic purchasing in China. In the following three years mobile programmatic purchasing will keep its growth of a relatively high speed, significantly higher than the general growth rate of the whole programmatic purchasing market.
On the condition that mobile online advertising revenue for the first time surpassed that of PC online advertising in 2016, mobile programmatic purchasing grew rapidly, and advertisers are increasingly willing to spend money on programmatic advertising via mobile rather PC. In 2016 the share of programmatic purchasing via mobile was 50.2% with a growth rate higher than expected, surpassing that via PC for the first time in history. iResearch believes that the share of mobile programmatic purchasing will keep expanding and it is assumed to exceed 65% by 2019. 

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