China’s Online Advertising hit 86.16 Bn Yuan in Q2 2017

China’s Online Advertising Hit 86.16 Bn Yuan in Q2 2017

Source:iResearch September 27,20179:12 AM
The revenue of China’s online advertising market hit 86.16 billion Yuan in Q2 2017, up 23.3% from the preceding quarter and 28.5% from an earlier year. Generally, growth of online advertising market decelerated but was still above 25%. As advertisers were adjusting themselves to the constantly changing world and their concept on placing ads were changing. Moreover, media experienced more diversified development. For example, more forms were explored in news feed ads; Out-stream ads in short videos and live streaming also registered rapid development. 
Among all forms of online advertising in China, e-commerce ads accounted for 30.5% of the market in Q2 2017, rising about 5% compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, which was fueled by 618 online shopping feast. News feed ads maintained its high growth rate and took up 14.8% of the market. The market share captured by search ads was over 25%, shrinking a bit from the preceding quarter but rising 15% from an earlier year, which indicated that search ads have got through its slump period. It was expected that these three forms of ads would continuously took up the most share of the market.
In Q2 2017, China’s mobile advertising revenue approached 60 billion Yuan, soaring 30.9% compared with the previous quarter. 
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