China’s Pan-Entertainment Live Streaming Revenue Skyrocketed 111.4% in Q2 2017

Source:iResearch September 28,20171:25 PM
China’s pan-entertainment live streaming revenue attained 8.9 billion Yuan  in Q2 2017, skyrocketing 111.4% compared with the corresponding period of the previous year and rising 10.5% compared with the previous quarter. 
iResearch views that the revenue of live pan-entertainment streaming platforms mainly come from the reward the audience gave. Therefore, the number of the audiences has obviously impact on the revenue. For Spring Festival fell in Q1 2017, the number of the audience dropped in the quarter. and when it came to the second quarter, the revenue rebounded with the increasing of the audiences. It’s expected that the number of live pan-entertainment streaming audiences would maintain stable and the growth of the revenue would mainly pulled up by the rising average revenue per user in the future. Moreover, some companies with steady user base and high user stickiness ramped up efforts on marketing and tried to monetize the traffic. Therefore, the marketing revenue probably contribute much to the development of the an-entertainment live streaming

After analyzing the data, iResearch found that the number of the live pan-entertainment streaming audience had been fluctuating since the beginning of 2017, above or below 110 million. From June, the number kept rising.
iResearch views that the growth of the audience in June can be attributed to enhanced regulation for illegal live streaming platforms. Even some were forced to shut down, which lead to their audience shifting to mainstream live streaming platforms. It can be seen that the competition among main players will be much fiercer in the future.

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