The Revenue of China's Internet Economy Reached a New Height in Q2 2017

Source:iResearch October 16,20172:37 PM
The revenue of China's internet economy reached a new height in Q2 2017 and attained 470.95 billion Yuan with a QoQ growth of 19.3%, higher than that of GDP (11.1%). The QoQ growth of online shopping was 23.1%, and the QoQ growth of online advertising was 21.7%, both of which were higher than the general growth of internet economy.Generally speaking, China's internet economy kept a steady growth and its growth rate showed significant periodic fluctuation.
In Q2 2017, the revenue of China PC internet economy came to 129.39 billion Yuan with a contribution ratio of 27.5% to the whole internet economy revenue. Compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, PC internet economy revenue fell by more than 20%. Meanwhile, however, the revenue of mobile internet economy reached 341.56 billion Yuan with a share of nearly ¾ in total internet economy revenue. This indicated that generally speaking, the gap between mobile internet economy and PC internet economy kept widening, and mobile internet economy has become the core and leading power in China’s  internet economy development.
Of the revenue of China’s internet economy in Q2 2017, online shopping accounted for roughly 60%, reflecting that online shopping became a main accelerator of internet economy development. Online advertising, taking up 18.1% in the whole internet economy, still served as an important segment in the internet economy despite its 10% YoY decrease compared with the corresponding period of the previous year. What’s more, online gaming took a share of 12.6% in internet economy, and third-party payment accounted for 9.4%.
Recently, China’s internet economy stepped into mobilization era. Judging from the structure of PC internet economy and mobile internet economy,  online shopping  and mobile shopping contributed most to PC internet economy and mobile internet economy respectively, and mobile shopping, with a share of nearly 80% in online shopping industry by revenue, had a contribution ratio higher than 65% to mobile internet economy. The second largest segment in PC internet economy and mobile internet economy was online advertising, and the share of mobile advertising in online advertising industry reached 63.6%. Meanwhile, mobile gaming and mobile payment took a share of 65.3% and 55.6% in online gaming and third-party payment industry, further proved the mobilization of China online economy. 

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