China's B2C Online Shopping Market Surged 42.0% in Q2 2017

Source:iResearch November 01,20172:43 PM
In Q2 2017, the GMV of China’s B2C online shopping industry hit 900 billion Yuan with a share of 59.7% in the whole domestic online shopping market, up 5.2% compared with the corresponding period in the previous year. Meanwhile, the YoY growth of B2C online shopping in Q2 2017 was 42.0%, much higher than that of C2C market (which was 14.8%). iResearch holds the opinion that the expansion of B2C market’s share in online shopping was largely owing to the development of Tmall and JD.
In Q2 2017, Tmall still kept the largest market share in China’s B2C market and JD ranked the second. The market share of these two giants totaled over  80% with an average YoY growth of 47%, indicating that the two giants’ business development fuel the growth of B2C online shopping in China. Meanwhile, the competition among other companies was still fierce. Suning and Gome had a growth rate higher than the general growth rate of B2C industry, and NetEase Kaola, as a representative cross-border e-commerce platform, also kept a fast development.
Seen from market share from Q1 2016 to Q2 2017, it can be found that Tmall always took the first place and JD always ranked the second. The market concentration rate in Q2 2017 remained generally stable compared with the previous quarters, and the comprehensive e-commerce structure among Tmall, JD and Suning was stable. Thus, for new comers in B2C market, the entrance barrier for comprehensive e-commerce was relatively high, and vertical industries might become their main battlefield.

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