The Female Service Apps Usher in an Era of Prosperity in China

The Female Service Apps Usher in an Era of Prosperity in China

Source:iResearch November 29,20177:09 AM
Recently, maternal  & children apps , women healthcare apps and cosmetology  apps which are mainly used by the female had fast developments. According to the measuring data from  mUserTracker, an mobile internet using behavior measuring data base launched by  iResearch Consulting Group, the apps for women groups in different fields, such as maternal & children, menstrual period management, children education, parenting and cosmetology have acquired a large number of users. 

Changes of women’s multiple roles will accelerate the development of comprehensive female service platforms

The overwhelming majority of the female experience  a series of role changes in life from a pregnant woman to a mother during the process. With the release of second child policy, a number of females may experience the role changes more than once, which greatly stimulated the demand for comprehensive female service platforms. Thus, it is believed that the apps that provide the female with required information and tools for menstrual period and pregnancy will enjoy a fast development in the near future.

Female-oriented apps need to break through the limits of traditional online female communities and better meet the demands of modern female

It is believed that the female requirements for professional information in work, family life and parenting and for personal and family life quality improvement will push the changes of utility tool female apps forward. New female community apps will offer information that better suits modern women’s demands and introduce opinions from experienced experts so as to give female users scientific instructions in life. Meanwhile, the apps as online communities will be further developed to meet social demand and other demands in females’ daily life and children rearing process. Besides,  more segments will drain out from the apps to satisfy  individualized need such as  travel, skin care and exercising in the future. What’s more, for the females are usually more willing to adopt the suggestions from peer groups during pregnancy, shopping share platforms for product usage experience sharing among new mothers and mothers-to-be within the communities are expected to be built. What’s more, modern female pay more attention to health, and thus the apps on health-related information such as exercising and body conditioning will attract more attention from the maternal. 

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