Auotmobile Owners Prefer German And Domestic Brands When Repurchasing Automobiles in China

Auotmobile Owners Prefer German and Domestic Brands When Repurchasing Automobiles in China

Source:iResearch December 06,201710:06 PM
The survey data show that automobile buyers usually prefer domestic vehicles that are more cost-effective when they buy the first car, but their second purchase usually goes to German vehicles that have outstanding reputation.
When comparing with the brands chosen in the first automobile purchase, it is found that in the second automobile purchase, less buyers choose Japanese brands, American brands or Korean brands of automobile. 
The data show that 71.7% of domestic automobile buyers still choose to buy domestic automobile when they buy the automobile for the second time, much higher than other brands; The data from Chelun show domestic automobile ranked the top in vehicle exchange source and results with share of 50.7% and 47.7% separately.

iResearch holds the opinion that the high repurchase rate of domestic automobiles indicates a relatively high reputation of domestic vehicles among target consumers. Meanwhile, the repurchase rates of joint brands, German brands, Japanese brands and American brands were also relatively stable.
The data show that Volkswagen had outstanding performance in automobile repurchasing among all the automobile brands, and meanwhile, a number of vehicle owners choose to buy a new car under the same brand their old vehicle was under when repurchasing vehicle.

iResearch holds the opinion that the large proportion of Volkswagen automobile among all the  vehicle brands automobile owners repurchase can be attributed to the great brand influence and product reputation as well as the high penetration rate and suitable product distributio
Luxury brands were more most popular for vehicle repurchase consumers.The data reveals that vehicle repurchase customers usually prefer joint brands or domestic brands for their first vehicle, while when it comes to the second vehicle, Audi, BMW and Benz had better performance and larger consumer group, indicating that brand upgrading has become a trend in vehicle repurchase. 

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