For The First Time, Tencent Grabbed Over 50% of China's Online Gaming Market by Revenue in Q3 2017

Source:iResearch December 13,20177:02 AM
In Q3 2017, revenue of China’s  online gaming market reached 63.54 billion Yuan, rising  6.8% compared with the previous quarter and surging 41.7% from a year earlier. This indicates that online gaming market is increasingly mature, formal and stable.
As China’s Internet traffic are shifting from PC to mobile, China’s online gaming market also shows clearer mobilization trend. In Q3 2017, mobile gaming grabbed 65.7% of China’s online gaming market. Meanwhile, the speed of traffic shifting  has slowed down in 2017 and the structure of the market segments is getting increasingly stable. 
In Q3 2017, online gaming revenue of Tencent and NetEase accounted for a larger market share of 65.1%. Tencent for the first time in history took up more than half of online gaming market. 

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