Monthly Effective Browsing Duration of Digital Reading Apps Exceededed 1.8 Bn Hrs in Q3 2017

Source:iResearch December 27,20172:36 PM
Mobile digital reading apps were started up on 240 million mobile devices in each month of Q3 2017.

Monthly effective browsing duration of digital reading apps exceeded 1.8 billion hours in Q3 2017. The digital reading companies were aware that the demographic dividends wore off and focused on precise operation in contents and user activities, which raised the effective reading time of users.
By works updated by VIP in each day of Q3 2017, Qidian ranked the first among all the internet literature platforms in China.
In Q3 2017, Webnovel, the English website of China Literature, formally announced a partnership with Gravity Tales, a famous English translation websites for online literary works in Chinese. Both parts shall work together to promote the overseas spreading of copyrighted Chinese online literature of high quality. As more overseas partners with good brand image participate the industry and broader global market is developed by Chinese online literature companies, with the global strategy, China Literature will enter into the fast-development stage; Meanwhile, Chinese internet literary will receive more opportunities in overseas market, and China’s literary creation industry is expected to increase its competitiveness and influence around the world. 

In Q3 2017, iReader Technology Co., Ltd, listed in the main board of Shanghai Exchange Stock in Q3 2017 with a current value of 2.3 billion Yuan, and added a stock focusing on digital reading service in internet culture for the main board. After listing, iReader Technology further formulated its industrial layout on the aspects such as content creation, content distribution, development of content derivation and so on based on digital reading platform.
The listing of iReader better reflected the value of internet literature. It is predictable that internet literature market owns a broad prospect, and a brand new revolution shall happen in the fields like content creation, distribution channels, IP derivation and so on. 

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