Revenue of China's SME B2B Platforms Rose to 7.55 Tn Yuan in Q3 2017

Source:iResearch December 28,20173:09 PM
The latest data from iResearch Consulting Group show that the revenue of China’s SME B2B platforms reached 7.55 trillion Yuan in Q3 2017, with a YoY growth of 17.5% and a QoQ growth of 0.3%. On the whole, the revenue remains steady growth.
iResearch believes that China's economy has entered into a stage of high quality development and the supply-side structural adjustment, as the mainstream of reform in China, has brought policy dividends to the online development of enterprises. Besides, the capital market, facing demographic dividends are gradually wearing off in consumer Internet, is aiming at companies. With the support of policy and capital, China's B2B economy shall get huge opportunities for development. Although it has a slower growth, China's B2B market still owns a huge potential for all the industries probably cultivate their business on Internet in China.

In Q3 2017, the revenue of top 10 SME B2B e-commerce platforms took up as much as 75.9% in the revenue of China's SME B2B e-commerce market. The market share of Alibaba picked up and totaled 44.6% in Q3 2017, while the market share of HC360 increased significantly to 9.7% for the launching of its O2O project and the investments in vertical fields pushed up the revenue. DHGate and Global Resources ranked the third and the fourth with a share of 5.9% and 3.7%, and other B2B e-commerce companies experienced no obvious change in their market share.

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