China's Online Shopping GMV Saw Steady Growth in Q3 2017

Source:iResearch January 02,20182:34 PM
In Q3 2017, China’s online shopping GMV reached 1.44 trillion Yuan, decreasing 1.7% compared with the previous quarter, for it entered the off season after the “6•18” promotion in Q2 greatly which pushed up online shopping GMV. However, it experienced a YoY growth of 30.2% in Q3, and in general online shopping GMV in China still maintained a steady increase. 
iResearch believes that the consistent growth of online shopping industry can be attributed to the following reasons: (1) Further development of online and offline integration. The integration between offline experience and online convenience becomes closer and more effective, and customers are growing a stronger ability to coordinate online and offline channels, thus both online and offline channels, which promote the development of retail through their advantages, are indispensable in consumption. (2) Frequent innovation brings new stimuli to consumption. For example, FreshHema, Super Species and the upcoming 7Fresh of JD, which have a common characteristic of “supermarket plus catering” format, center on demand of “eating” creating new consuming scene and stimulate consumption and purchase so that the fresh food and e-commerce industry can regain vitality. 

The GMV of B2C in China’s online shopping market approximated 0.9 trillion Yuan in Q3 2017, accounting for 61.1% of China’s online shopping GMV which increased   5.8% compared with the corresponding period of the previous year. The YoY growth rate of the B2C online shopping market was 43.7% in Q3 2017 while that of C2C is 13.5%. Therefore in general, B2C is still the mainstream model in online shopping market.,, and other medium-sized enterprises in online shopping industry owned high YoY growth, which greatly advance growth of the industry. possessed a high growth in Q3, because its body in 2016 was relatively small and now it is in the fast development period.

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