Revenue of China's Online Video Industry Reached 21.86 Bn Yuan in Q3 2017

Source:iResearch January 03,20187:37 AM
The revenue of China’s online video industry reached 21.86 billion Yuan in Q3 2017, rising 18.9% from the preceding quarter and 14.4% from a year earlier. Based on the past experience, the audience base and loyalty of audiences increased significantly in summer vacation. The intensive launching of self-made contents and head contents fueled the rapid growth of the online video advertising revenue and users’ payment. 

In Q3 2017, the revenue of China’s online video advertising hit 12.02 billion Yuan, with a YoY growth of 30.7% and a QoQ growth of 14.8%. In the circumstance that the growth of in-stream video ads decelerated, video platforms started to try new forms of advertising. For now, out-stream video ads enjoy relatively great success and push online video platforms to change the layout of product contents.

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