China's Social Networking Advertising Surged 53.7% in Q3 2017

Source:iResearch January 12,20188:42 AM
The data from iResearch show that monthly unique devices (MUDs) of China’s social apps have kept rising steadily since January of 2017, except sight decline in June of 2017. It can be seen that the number of MUDs increased apparently and the number of China’s social app user continues increases as expanding horizontally and vertically in demographic structure. But in the long run, demographic dividends may not be able to promote explosive growth in the industry again, therefore new models and precise operation are required for the future development. 

In Q3 2017, the revenue of China’s social networking advertising hit 10.4 billion Yuan, up 53.7% compared with the corresponding period of the previous year. Social media continuously multiply the layout of native advertisements. The form of native advertisements shifted from image & text to video. and short video marketing has become a new marketing method. With the advancement in native advertising, the potential value of social advertising is constantly exploited, and then its coordinated effect with other media will be highlighted. 

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