China's Online Travel Sector Data in 2017

Source:iResearch January 26,20189:26 AM
China’s online travel GMV was estimated tp attain 738.4 billion Yuan in 2017, up 24.3% compared with 2016. However, as the market space is shrinking, the growth rate of online travel GMV in 2018 is expected to decrease to 16.5% compared with that of 2017. iResearch holds the opinion that as tourists and their consumption amount are growing and online trave market segments are expanding, GMV of online travel industry is estimated to keep a growth rate of around 14.0% since 2018. In addition, the GMV in 2022, during which Winter Olympics will be held, will rise significantly compared with 2021.
In 2017, revenue of online travel agents (OTAs) in China’s online travel market hit 40.0 billion Yuan, rising 34.0% from 2016. iResearch believes the structure of OTA market will be gradually stable and the revenue of OTAs will rise steadily.

In the recent five years, structure of China’s online travel market is increasingly stable, in which the proportion of online airline booking declined in fluctuation while that of online vacation increased year by year. It can be attributed to these two factors: On the one hand, with the improvement of people’s lives, tourists not only pursue for scenic spot sightseeing, but also leisurely vacation; On the other hand, as the rapid expansion of high-speed rail and advancement of technology, an increasing number of customers would like to travel by high-speed rail, executing a negative influence on online airline booking. 
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