Revenue of China's SME B2B Platforms Hit 29.2 Bn Yuan in 2017

Source:iResearch February 01,201810:57 PM
The latest data from iResearch show that revenue of China’s SME B2B platforms hit 29.2 billion Yuan in 2017, up 17.5% from a year earlier. 

iResearch believes that China’s economy is enjoying high-quality development due to supply-side structural adjustment, the main melody of reform, has brought policy dividends to the development of Internet companies; Besides, the capital market, facing demographic dividends are gradually wearing off in consumer Internet, makes great efforts to invest in companies. With the support of policy and capital, China's B2B shall get huge opportunities for development. Although it has a slower growth, China's market still owns a huge potential for all the industries probably cultivate their business on Internet in China).

By revenue, Alibaba was in a dominant place, taking nearly 50% of the whole revenue. What’s more, Alibaba together with other mainstream B2B enterprises hold over 70% revenue of the whole market, indicating a high market concentration rate. As consumer Internet is transferring into industrial Internet, newly established start-ups and enterprises of new model are constantly emerging in B2B e-commerce in China; Under the support of policy dividends like supply-side structural reform, SME B2B e-commerce still enjoy great potential for development in the future. 

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