China's Online Shopping Sector Data in 2017

Source:iResearch February 07,20183:00 PM
According to iResearch, GMV of China’s online shopping reached 6.1 trillion Yuan in 2017, up 29.6% from a year earlier, showing a pick-up in growth.
iResearch believes that integration between online and offline shopping market was put into practice in 2017 when online market empowers data to offline market and offline market guides online market effectively, therefore, the stably developing online shoppin regains vitality. 
In 2017, GMV of China’s mobile shopping amounted to 4.9 trillion Yuan, rising 37.4% from a year earlier. Despite the slowdown, mobile shopping GMV still has a high growth. iResearch holds the opinion that with the rapid integration of online and offline retail market, shopping situations grows more diversified and dispersed, as a result, retailing network covering multiple channels gradually comes into being. As mobile devices become the core link between online and offline shopping situations, mobile shopping can further develop.
By GMV of online shopping enterprises, Taobao platform in the online market place mode is in a dominant place, taking 74.3% of the whole online shopping GMV. JD took the commanding lead in self-operated e-commerce (That is online shopping in online direct-sale model) and VIP was the head enterprises in the online discount retailing market. However, JD and VIP fell far behind Taobao platform by GMV. Small-sized enterprises enjoyed prominent long tail effects and vertical fields like cross-border business, fresh food, maternal and child supplies are popular, which results in the emergence of a great many start-ups; Besides, to cater to the trend of consumption upgrading, high-quality e-commerce like Yanxuan ( and Mijiayoupin ( continue to expand layout in supply chain and enjoy good development.

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