iResearch Launched Expert Network Service

Source:iResearch February 11,20189:39 AM
Facing rapidly changing wave of Internet economy, how do you seize the opportunities and face the challenges? How do you learn about strategy, product, technology, marketing, risk control and investment? How to gain strong support for decision-making? What problem we can help you to solve?

iResearch helps to solve the real problem of an enterprise to meet the professional needs. If you need to better understand products, technology, marketing, investment opportunities, risks, as well as operating environment in China, iResearch offers expert consulting services comprised of internal and external specialists with vast field experience. 


Combining Internal and External Experts Sources

Internal analysts and consultants
Internal experts source: Over 100 professional analysts and consultants
Internal experts’ advantages. rich research project experience and ability to provide timely service
Supported by iResearch's powerful databases 
Analyze industry developing trend and operational status, and keep close collaboration with key industry players
Provide updated market information and new ideas for company development by taking industry development and business operation as breakthrough points

External experts source
Top professionals such as investors, listed company management, KOLs, etc. across hot investment fields
Mainly consists of company high executives; Also includes industry experts and academics
External experts advantages
Provide multi-dimension structure of knowledge including operational experience, theoretical system, hot events insights, etc.
Provide business decision-makers with insights to create better, more informed outcomes from aspects of company strategy, product mix, technology, marketing, financials, legal issues, etc. 

Covering all new economy fields

Our network brings together thousands of leading experts from vast majority of field and covers all Internet New Economy Fields in finance, technology, entertainment, advanced manufacturing, travel, sports, education, social, the new retail, auto and energy, and real estate, as well as heath industry.

Offering one-stop service

Investment analysis: The advisory team would deeply understand the company targets and analyze the profitability, business model, operational status, supply chain and strength & weakness. Also, our team would make commercial due diligence combined with database to in-depth study the market and the targets to help clients make investment decision and identify investment risk
Membership:Across various investment hot fields, iResearch would hold iResearch Summit, offline events and value added service, drawing from a membership of famed investors and senior executives who will provide insights of multi-industry investment methodology, cases sharing and picking the valued investment field & target 
iResearch’s report database:With a great mass of industry reports and customized reports database, iResearch provides the most leading TMT research and assists client to get the latest info of TMT market and get ahead of curve     
Expert Network:Interacting with experts, iResearch assists client to better understand their concerned products, services, companies, affairs and industry development, as well as gaining insight of market and make better decision

iResearch offers complex advisory service to meet clients’ diverse research and communicating needs to help clients learn knowledge & info, enhance cognitive level and improve investment performance so that client could make better investment and business decision.

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