Automobile Advertisers Spent More on Online Advertising in 2017

Source:iRessearch February 26,20189:36 AM
According to the data from iResearch Consulting Group (iResearch), automobile advertising channels witnessed great change from 2011 to 2017. Internet has become the principal channel of automobile advertising and spending on online automobile advertising accounted for 37.8% of the total spending on automobile advertising, followed by the spending on TV automobile advertising and outdoor automobile advertising with a proportion of 29.2% and 20.7% respectively.
iResearch believes that in recent years, as the target customers for automobile is getting younger and younger, and mobile internet experiences rapid development, the share of advertising on traditional media like television and print ads shrinks dramatically and advertisers prefer to invest in internet ads. Restricted by the forms of creation, there is a little scope for the growth of outdoor ads. Whereas, radio, as an indispensable intermediary among automobile owners, enjoys stable and promising growth despite its low market share.   
The data from iResearch show that the spending on online automobile advertising rocketed up during 2011-2017. In 2017, and it reached 15.1 billion Yuan, up 17.3% from a year earlier. iResearch holds the opinion that as the domestic sales of automobile remains increasing, the automobile advertisers still need to enhance the growth of sales through lots of marketing campaigns. As a result, their advertising budget will further increase. Meanwhile, as internet intermediary remains flourish and other traditional intermediary is waning, most of the automobile advertising budget will be spent on internet so as to promote continuous growth of online automobile ads.   

According to the data, during 2011-2017, the proportion of mobile automobile advertising in online automobile advertising continued expanding. By 2017, spending on mobile automobile advertising occupied 57.2% of the total spending on online automobile advertising. iResearch believes that mobile devices are taken by users all day long, therefore, mobile advertising can reach more audience, becomes more targeted, has richer forms and more interaction. Therefore, automobile advertisers would like to input more budget on ads on mobile devices.

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