Mobile Office Takes Off in China

Source:iResearch March 05,20187:15 AM
As mobile internet booms and the traditional enterprise management software fails to satisfy the demand of making use of fragmented time to work, mobile office SaaS app emerges. Enterprise management software like CRM, OA and ERP rapidly develop on mobile devices, showing that mobile office market is flourishing. As different mobile office apps specializing in different fields, the companies have to switch between multiple apps in order to handle different businesses. With the further advancement of enterprise mobile office, cross-field mobile office apps are developed. Focused on the demand of high frequency mobile office, mobile office platforms introduces third-party service providers to rich the functions of the products, are getting more and more popular among enterprises in mobile office market.
Most of the domestic mobile office platforms are developed from SaaS apps focused on an independent field and almost no player directly develop platform-based product at the very beginning. Seen from businesses of the platforms, IM, enterprise social network, CRM and OA are mainly in strong demand. Platform-based products require the participants to have affluent capital and resources, therefore, only players that have accumulated enough resources and influence have opportunity to compete in the market. Market participants mainly include software management companies and internet companies. These two types of companies target to different user groups and thus possess their own advantages in developing mobile office platforms. 
Mobile office platforms mainly provide users with mobile office SaaS app and also allow enterprises conduct independent development in API/SDK. Mobile office platforms are in partnership with the third-party enterprise service providers and hardware manufacturers and they create value for their partners through providing open PaaS platforms and user traffic. These three parts together constitute the product and service system of mobile office platform and serve for enterprise users in a way of combining direct selling and distribution together. As small and medium-sized enterprises use free products to reduce their operating cost, mobile office platform usually rely on free products to open market quickly. Some platforms are more receptive among large enterprises willing to pay for their mobile office, thus, these platforms can charge users for advanced function, value-added service and customized service.

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